A Perpetual Student. An Ultimatum. Love’s Possibilities.

Andee Carlisle has to pass her English class! After years of partying and barely getting by, her father is threatening to stop paying her tuition. Then an eye infection leaves her temporarily blinded just weeks before finals. Her tutor, Nicholas Benjamin, sees the lonely little rich girl behind her party-animal facade and helps her to learn so much more than just Shakespeare. He proves to be just what the doctor ordered, as her perspective is clearest when seeing things from her position over his knee.

They have been separated by the width of a continent, the span of a generation, and the misunderstanding of the century. Now they have a second chance to overcome those obstacles and build a life together—a life which includes the discipline each of them has finally acknowledged must be a part of their relationship.

What happens when bears roam your neighborhood and mountainous roads pose hazards? If you are Andee, you discover there is a wrong way to deal with these problems, as well as a right way.

The right way becomes clear when Andee finds herself over her husband, Nick’s, knee.


As each of them comes face-to-face with their own deep insecurities, fears from the past and hopes for the future, will their passion and commitment to a disciplined lifestyle be enough to see them through? Or is it too late?

This collection of previously published titles is now available in one collection! Featuring: Reading Her Heart, Leading Her Home, and Exceeding Her Hopes.

Publishers Note: These stories contain elements of power exchange.

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