He vowed to protect her, but didn’t expect to fall in love.

Piper Williamson is a poor medical student with a family history she knows nothing about. She not only has access to a hidden fortune but a half-brother who wants her dead. Fate will intervene and lend a helping hand, but that hand will be attached to a dominating foreign stranger who will protect her and sweep her off her feet.

Nikolai Volkov is a Russian bratva leader who wants his enemies dead. They not only attempted to destroy his family, but now they are targeting an innocent woman in the States whom he has never met. When his plane sets down in Las Vegas, he is unprepared for the reaction his body has to the blonde bombshell. He falls into the role of her protector, but he also falls in love.

Publisher’s Note: This dark, steamy Mafia romance contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

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“Such soft, flawless skin,” the bratva leader said gently as he trailed the leather tresses down her back and butt. A soft chuckle escaped his lips when he saw her flinch slightly and fight against the bind. Just because she was anticipating it, he lightly flogged her backside twice. Even though she cried out in discomfort, the moisture slid down her inner thighs. Bending down, he placed a kiss on the area he had just flogged. Placing a kiss on the middle of her spine, he asked, “Do you want me to quit, pet?”

An agonized cry of pleasure fell from her lips before she whispered, barely audible, “N-no. Please punish me, master.”

Nikolai’s response was to flog her backside several more times, each time a little harder than the last. This time as he struck her, his fingers manipulated the sensitive, enlarged nub that lay deep in her core. He could tell by her breathing and the flush tone of her skin that Piper was extremely close to having an orgasm. His own cock throbbed with desire and anticipation as his new submissive inched closer and closer to her release. Fuck, she was magnificent to watch! He had anticipated that his little blonde American would have already said her safe word, but clearly something had transpired between the two of them tonight that made her feel as though she could trust him.

“Master,” she softly moaned, her body close to the edge of an overwhelming release. The sexual rapture she felt mixed with the pain of the flogging was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. “I don’t think… I can take… much more.”

“Is my little lynx hurting?” he asked, spanking her again with the flog. When a tormented cry fell from her lips, he chuckled. “I’ll take that as a yes.” Tossing the flogger aside, he trailed kisses up her back and shoulders.