Hidden vendettas come to light in the thrilling conclusion to the ‘A Timeless Love’ saga, and one hasty decision will change their lives forever.

They’ve fought off her past demons. Now his are making an appearance, and if they want a life together, they’re going to have to fight for it.

Publisher’s Note: This story is hot, with steamy scenes as well as elements of power exchange.


A Timeless Interlude

(A short, very steamy, story outtake)


She padded out of the bathroom, fresh from the shower and without even a towel to cover her nakedness. Not that he minded; he watched with appreciation until she slid into his lap, still dripping wet, of course, and grinned as his clothes soaked through immediately.

He rolled his eyes. “Thanks so much for bringing the shower to me, darlin’. I was planning on taking one next, but I guess I don’t need one now,” he said acidly.

“You’re welcome, Jack! Anything I can do to help,” she said. Her tone fairly simpered with sugar and it got her a look.

“Uh-huh, and what did I do to deserve the bratty behavior?” he asked, one eyebrow going up.

“Shh, no. No bratty behavior here! I’m a good girl,” she retorted. She reached out and tried to push the eyebrow back down with a devilish look on her own face.

“A good girl? Hmm, you look more like a naughty naked girl who needs a spanking to me,” he said.

She gave him a totally fake look of shock, complete with a dramatic mouth drop and both hands going to her cover her heart, as if he’d wounded her. The truth was that a long day of driving through a monotonous countryside had left her with an overabundance of energy and she was feeling extremely playful. It didn’t help that he often told her stories about his travels through history, and today he’d told her the story of the first woman he’d ever spanked, way back in the 1800’s.

She’d been a sassy little spitfire that had played one practical joke on him after another, trying to get his attention. It had worked—though not in the way she’d intended probably. Jack had turned her over his knee right there on the city street, flipped up her long skirts, and spanked her bloomers thoroughly. People passing by had laughed and commented until she was red-faced with embarrassment and after that she was careful never to play tricks on him in public again.

Later he’d taken her home and given her a whole different kind of spanking. Katherine had experienced Jack’s fun spankings, so she was sure the girl had ended up being satisfied. It was a hot story all around and listening to it left Katherine flushed and squirming in her seat by the time he was finished so once they’d checked into the motel she’d decided to try her own version of attention-getting.

She wasn’t worried that Jack would really punish her, not for being playful and teasing. He’d understand she just needed to blow off some steam, she hoped, and her favorite way to do that was to get in a little bit of fun trouble.

“How could you say that!” she sounded offended as she moved to get off of his lap.

His arms snaked around her waist to pull her back, “And where do you think you’re going, kitten?” he asked in a low tone that practically purred.

She huffed, “Well, obviously I’m not appreciated here so I’m going to go get dressed,” she exclaimed. She twisted, trying, but not too hard, to struggle out of his arms. “Let me go, you jerk!”

All of it was dramatic and all of it was completely fake, but Jack decided to turn the tables on her.

With an annoyed look on his face, he pinned her against him. “Looks like someone needs a little reminder about attitude,” he said, pretending that he was serious. He could be convincing when he wanted to be, and her eyes widened nervously suddenly worried that she’d gone too far.

“Wait… I didn’t mean it,” she said.

“Sounded like you meant it to me, Kitty, and you know what that means right?” he asked. Without waiting for a reply, he flipped her around and positioned her across his thighs. “Has it been too long since I punished you?” he asked.

“No! No, I was only kidding!” she said. Her tone was desperate and now she really was struggling to get free. Her skin was warm and sensitive from a long hot shower, and she was naked, this was not a good combination for someone who’d just gotten herself in trouble. Her stomach lurched as a feeling of dread set in.

“I don’t think so. I think someone needs an attitude adjustment,” he said sternly. He held her down with one arm across her lower back and then he raised his spanking hand high. “You ready for a long hard spanking?”

She twisted around, took one look at the raised hand and her bottom lip rolled out in a pout. “I promise I was only playing, Jack!” she insisted. “Please, I’ll be good!” The promise was sincere, she’d wanted a playful funishment, not a punishment that would make it hard to sit during the long car ride the next day.

He swung down from the shoulder for a full-arm swat and she flinched, ass cheeks clenching tight enough to bounce a quarter off of them, but just before his hand landed he pulled it. It came down with a nice light slap instead.

She’d been prepared for pain, and she jumped, yelping before she realized…it hadn’t hurt at all! “You… you!” she blurted, giving him a dirty look.

“Something wrong, kitten?” he asked. He had an innocent look on his face that lasted all of ten seconds before the wide grin broke out. “Gotcha,” he said in a teasing tone.

“You really are a jerk!” she snapped, but she couldn’t hold onto the anger either and a laugh rolled out of her as she shook her head.

“Mmm, could be you’re not the only one who likes to be a brat sometimes,” he agreed, chuckling as his hand began to stroke her backside with a featherlight touch.

“I notice I’m the only one who gets spanked for it though,” she retorted. She wasn’t really that annoyed; it had been a funny joke and now that she realized she wasn’t actually in trouble her tummy had stopped doing flips and her heart rate was slowing. She squirmed a little, getting more comfortable and then let her head drop down with a sigh. Being draped across his lap like this felt right sometimes.

“Sorry about that, but I wouldn’t look nearly as cute ass-up as you do,” he said, chuckling. “Oh well, guess I’ll have to make it up to you another way,” he said. There was heat in the words and his caress took a downward path, trailing along the divide of her ass, tickling until her legs parted willingly. “So. If you’re not a bad girl…I guess there’s no reason I can’t do this,” he said as he slipped his hand between her thighs to cup her sex firmly.

She groaned, pushed down into his hand. “Nope, no reason,” she assured him. She gasped when his finger slipped between her folds and stroked, finding her pleasure nub and teasing it until she was practically writhing across his lap.

He waited until her arousal was soaking his fingers and she was making little moaning sounds and then he took his hand away.  Ignoring her protesting, he began to spank with brisk swats, keeping his hand slightly cupped and spreading the slaps around to hold the sting down. He concentrated especially on the base of her cheeks, using an upward motion to make them bounce and jiggle beautifully—partly because he enjoyed watching the ripples, but mostly because she’d told him that spanking like that sent vibrations straight to her core.

After a dozen or so he’d pause, and his hand would slip under her to swirl around her clit or he’d work a finger inside of her, thrusting a few times. He’d ramp her up until she was rocking back for more, but he always returned to spanking just before she could reach her peak.

She loved it all, and she hated it too. During their road-trip she’d learned a lot about him, but not as much as he’d learned about her. He knew her body so well by now that he could play it like a finely-tuned instrument. No matter how hard she tried to hide the fact that she was about to reach her orgasm, he always knew and would instantly ease back, chuckling evilly at her frustrated huffs and whines.

It was an exquisite torture.

It continued until her whole backside was a nice solid pink and she began to beg him to stop teasing and let her come. “Please, Jack. I’ve been good for days, please. Please please please let me come,” she pleaded. Her words were repetitive and nearly incoherent with need and the pleased smirk on his face made it plain that was what he’d wanted.

“You have been a good girl, haven’t you, kitten? I guess you do deserve it, but if I give you that reward, how are you going to thank me for it?” he asked. He chuckled as he patted the well-warmed skin.

The heat in his voice and the bulge that was throbbing under her belly made it clear what he was hinting at, and it was no penalty at all. She loved the feeling of power that she got when she took him into her mouth and pleasured him. It was the one time he let her take a little bit of control, and she knew he was offering her the chance to return the torture of keeping him on edge.

She was new to dirty talk in the bedroom, and it still embarrassed her to describe sex acts, but the humiliation of it tended to turn her on even more, so he made her tell him—in raw filthy detail, exactly what she was going to do to him when it was her turn. As she spoke he thrust two fingers into her, curving them slightly as he slowly stroked in and out. He finally brought her over the edge just as she was promising to give him the best blow job he’d ever had.

Her body stiffened; a loud cry burst from her wide-open mouth and for a few seconds she was frozen like that. Then she slumped, sprawling across his lap and panting. There was a roaring in her ears and her heart was racing; it was like she could feel every inch of her body. The warmth from the spanking, and the aftershocks that zapped her randomly, of course, but also the slightest breaths of air that blew across her skin when the motel air conditioner kicked on.

When he did this to her, drew out the pleasure until she was frantic, it left her in this floaty place afterwards where she could feel everything at once, but from a distance. It was impossible to explain, she’d tried before more than once. The words just weren’t there, and that was frustrating for a wanna-be writer like herself.

She was so comfortable sprawled across his lap boneless and sated. It felt safe there, which was funny considering the number of times she went across his knee for much less pleasant spankings, but even when she was being punished she still felt loved and protected. She’d never had that with anyone else before Jack had rescued her.

The feeling of drifting slowly wore off while Jack patiently rubbed and caressed her backside. There was no need to rush her for his turn—he knew they had all the time in the world.