She was alone.
Normally it wasn’t a big deal. Netty was a grown woman, after all. She had her career, a home, and friends. But her parents were gone now, and she missed them – especially on Thanksgiving.
Oh, she could celebrate with friends, but they had their own families and traditions. She always felt like an intruder, and even more alone. Instead, she made plans this year, but everything went wrong. So here she sat, at a cold picnic table in an empty park, feeling sorry for herself and very alone, again. The tears would not stop.

Ryan Nichols was on patrol, having volunteered to work the holiday. He had enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast the night before with his brother, Ross, and his sister-in-law, Sandy. The community park was closed after Labor Day, but someone obviously hadn’t seen the sign. A quick stop should remedy that.

As he drew closer, though, he realized something was amiss. She was just sitting there but her shoulders shook. Listening carefully, he heard her sniffling, which confirmed it – yep, she was crying. Ah, heck. Now what?

From that rocky start, the two quickly form a relationship, but while Ryan is a perfect gentleman, he has some old-fashioned ideas. He demands respect and courtesy, and isn’t afraid to put Netty over his knees if she needs to be reminded of that.




“What are you saying?”

“I guess I’m saying I care too much about you to sit idly by and allow you to hurt yourself, or allow someone else to.” With that, he made a quick movement, and Nettie found herself draped over his knees.
She quickly realized that wondering if this would happen, and thinking it didn’t sound all that bad since it was done by a guy that cared, was totally different than facing the reality of it. Before she could do anything about it, though, his hand came down on her jeans-covered butt. “Ow! Ryan, that hurts! Even over the jeans, it hurts!”

Ryan brought his hand down on her bottom again, and again. She looked over her shoulder and thought she saw a small smile at the corners of his mouth, but wasn’t sure. Was he laughing at her, or at her comment, or was that really a smile she saw? Maybe she’d have to ask him about that later.

For now, though, she had other things to concentrate on. He continued smacking her bottom, but started talking to her, as well, pointing out several things that she could tell concerned him. He covered ignoring the low fuel warning signal, and walking instead of staying in her car. Then he talked about not watching the gas gauge and filling up before the low fuel light came on in the first place.

She was listening to what he said, and could tell he was disappointed in her. That bothered her, although she wasn’t sure exactly why it bothered her so much. She couldn’t help it, and started crying, but he kept spanking. She thought he must have noticed her crying, though, because he started talking faster. He covered a few more things, pretty quickly. He quickly told her that cursing, attitude, and temper were things he would not tolerate from a woman like her because he knew she was a better person than that. That made her feel good that he thought that, but ashamed of herself for what she’d said and done.

It took her a few moments to notice he’d ended the spanking, but when she tried to get up, she couldn’t. He was holding her in place over his knees. She felt him lay his hand on her bottom, and start rubbing it softly.

The soft rubbing was somehow comforting, and while he did that he was talking softly to her, telling her it was all over, and encouraging her to take some deep breaths. Without giving it much thought, she did as he suggested, and when she was breathing a bit more normally he carefully helped her up and sat her in his lap. He quickly wrapped her in his arms, encouraging her to lean her head against his shoulder, which she readily did.

She tried to talk, but nothing came out. He smiled at her. “Ssh, Nettie, don’t talk yet. We’ll talk in a bit here. I’ll listen to anything you want to say, but rest a little bit, get your breathing back to normal.” He rubbed her back in soft little circles, which felt really good and did wonders to help her calm.