As the temperatures drop and you begin planning our Thanksgiving trips or menus, don’t forget to schedule time to curl up with a good book. And just in time for the holiday, Blushing Books is offering six new hot titles for November, all with a seasonal theme.

Thanksgiving is a time for togetherness, but it’s also a good setting for some very delicious drama like the one that plays out in this month’s free book, Family Dynamics by Vicki Blue. The book centers on erotica writer Michelle Kroger, who feels frustrated that her husband Rick doesn’t quite measure up to the strong, dominant men who inhabit the pages of her books. When Rick insists that she accompany him to see his family in Florida over Thanksgiving, Michelle is less than enthusiastic. But the holiday will hold some unexpected surprises as she unfolds a mystery that will change the dynamic of their relationship forever.

We hope you enjoy your free copy of Family Dynamics and pick up some other titles from our store while you’re there. Remember, those trips to Grandma’s house can be long, but with a few Blushing Books on your eReader, traveling will be a lot more enjoyable.

Happy Holidays to all!