Melissa Mitchell is going to be alone at the holidays, at least until her new friend Terri Coleman takes pity and invites her to the family home in rural North Carolina for an old-fashioned family Christmas. It sounds wonderful, and to top it all off, Terri has a single and very eligible brother, Richmond police detective Joe Coleman. 

Then Terri drops her bomb shell: the Coleman family is old-fashioned in more ways that one, and Terri has recently fallen afoul of her brother, who took care of the situation in the time-honored way. Could it happen again? There are issues unresolved between Terri and her brother, and Terri feels she needs to warn Melissa that no-nonsense Joe just might resort to spanking if he thought the situation warranted it. And that’s not all: Terri’s other brother and his wife are in a domestic discipline relationship, and are very open about it. 

As irritated as Melissa is that Terri has dragged her into family drama, Melissa also has a secret of her own: she’s been fascinated with tales of old-fashioned over-the-knee-discipline forever, and the idea that that could occur in real life seems too much to believe. At first, the holiday celebration couldn’t be better. Melissa and Joe feel an instant attraction, fueled by the fact that Joe quickly figures out Melissa’s interest in what had recently happened to Terri goes beyond mere concern for her friend. 

But But Melissa has another secret, a dark terrifying reality from her past. Just when she feels the most safe, through an innocent mistake, the secret is revealed endangering everyone in the family. And Joe will do anything to protect his family…. 

Publisher’s note: “An Old-Fashioned Christmas” is an erotic romantic adventure featuring the spanking of adult women. It is intended for adults only. 

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“Could you spank me if I needed it?” Melissa whispered. “If I needed to have my behavior changed?” She knew she was blushing scarlet again, but couldn’t help it.

“I could spank you for a lot of reasons, Melissa.” He reached up and gently tucked a loose piece of hair behind her ear. “And something tells me you might need a lot of spankings. A real lot.”

Melissa almost couldn’t breathe. Her heart was beating out of her chest, and the intensity between her legs was almost too much to bear. She couldn’t believe this all was happening, but it felt right.

“Do you need a spanking now, sweetheart?” He didn’t wait for an answer. “I think you do. What else should happen to girls who sneak around other people’s garages and spy on folks?”

“I don’t know,” she whispered.

“I do,” Joe rumbled. “Stand up, Melissa.”

Melissa felt like a puppet, like something other than herself was pulling her strings. She knew on some level they were “playing,” that she really didn’t need or “deserve” a spanking, but it seemed so real anyway, real and very, very hot. She stood and passively allowed herself to be drawn between his legs. But when his large hands tugged at the drawstring on her flannel pants, a brief moment of sanity intervened. She pushed at his hands. “No,” she moaned. “Not… not… my pants.”

Joe laughed. “It’s not a spanking if it’s not bare, babe. I think you better get that straight about me right now.”

Oh, God, she couldn’t believe he’d actually said that, words that had fueled many a fantasy through the years. She went limp. She knew she’d be standing in front of him, completely naked from waist to knees. She knew she’d been aroused for hours now, and as soon as he pulled her pants down it would be obvious, even though she’d tried to wash in the shower before. She was so excited, her thighs were slick with it. Glancing down, she could see his own excitement straining blatantly, almost obscenely, at the front of his loose pants. But she didn’t say another word in protest, and his hands brushed the sides of her hips as he pulled the soft cloth away from her waist. He could see her pussy. “I can’t…”

Deftly, quickly, Joe pulled Melissa forward, drew her between his legs, and over one hard thigh, so that her upper body was supported by the couch. His hand found her waist just above her hip, and pulled her tight against him; she could feel his erection with no problem, whatsoever. “I think you can, Melissa. And something tells me you’ve been needing this for a long time.” His hand fell to her ass, warm against the bare skin and she moaned. “Haven’t you?” His hand rubbed gently.

Melissa was so beside herself that she couldn’t breathe, and certainly could not answer. Did he think her butt was pretty?

Then the hand stopped. “Melissa. Answer me. Haven’t you been needing this?”

A thousand thoughts crashed through her brain, but the most prevalent of them was how totally different this was from what she’d seen earlier in the barn. Her confusion over how he could spank Terri for discipline and then spank her for something else entirely evaporated in a heartbeat. “Oh God,” she whispered. And then his hand fell against her bare, upthrust bottom with a hard smack.

She gasped. It hurt! The sensation coursed through her, and… it hurt! But she hardly had time to think about it before another smack fell and then another. Then he stopped, and his hand started rubbing. The pain was still there, of course, and without even really thinking about it, Melissa knew that Joe was a “good spanker,” but the sensation of his large hand rubbing her now-throbbing bum was like nothing she’d ever felt.

“So, what do you think should happen to girls who sneak around other people’s garages? Think you can answer that now?”