Under the Strawberry Moon by Beth Bennett

Kelly Taylor must flee to Montana to escape a violent ex-boyfriend. Under a magic full moon she meets the man of her dreams.
Branson Bennett is the boss of a huge cattle ranch. He also wants to be the boss of Kelly Taylor.
Will the spell cast by the strawberry moon be enough to seal their love forever?
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Rescuing Raven by Isabella Kole

A modern day fairy tale cross between Rapunzel and Romeo and Juliet.
Princess Raven, banished to the tower by her father at the tender age of three and Prince Richard, the hottie with a firm hand whose attempt to rescue her results in a feud between their kingdoms.
They find an unlikely ally in Queen Lydia, the not- so-evil stepmother, but when it comes down to a choice between their respective thrones and the love they’ve discovered, is the relationship doomed forever?
Regularly priced at $4.99, but on sale this week for a special “flashback” sale of $2.99 until this Saturday, May 22nd
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Love Triangles by Eve Spire

What would you risk for a chance at true love?
Devon risks everything when she leaves her small hometown to attend college, to make something of herself in the big city. Upon a visit home, she is devastated to find her true love engaged to her best friend. The years that follow are full of success and sex, but her heart and backside yearn for another.
Blake is devastated when his child hood sweetheart leaves for New York and returns home engaged to another. He always regretted not risking everything to go after her and settling for marrying her best friend instead. Years later, a successful Devon returns home, and she is looking for him. He isn’t sure that he can risk the heart ache of loving her again – or sharing her with her husband.
Grant gambles on love and marries Devon, knowing she loves someone else. Together they build a very lucrative business. Oh, and have some steamy fun to pass the time. But over the years, he watches their relationship become more comfortable as best friends and business partners, rather than as lovers. Not to mention promises he’s made in the past, that torture him in the present.
Libby loves a man who loves someone else, but she is willing to risk everything – including friendship and heartache – to get what she wants… and who she wants.
Most of the time true love wins. But what happens when it’s put to the test in love triangles?
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Twin Turmoil by Vanesa Brooks

Josie is struggling with a life-altering decision posed by her very alpha-male boyfriend. Is she ready to make the sort of commitment he is requesting? Does she trust him enough to give up some control? Will finding an old journal written by the grandmother she adores help her make her decision? After all, it seems to be a case of history repeating itself as her grandmother had to struggle with similar choices of her own…
In 1967, Socialite Nicola St. Clare is living in London, and working as an editor for a small publishing house. Overnight, her life is turned upside down with the arrival of her father, whom she thought was dead. And yet, there are even greater shocks in store for her. She learns that she had a twin sister, one who has been recently murdered. Now her father wants her to impersonate her twin in order to draw out her sister’s killer.
He persuades Nicky to return to the U.S.A. with him and, overnight, Nicola becomes Claire Keedon, her twin sister. What Nicky’s father neglects to share with her is the fact that part of the ranch he owns in Arizona is a designated discipline ranch, one that seeks to rehabilitate wayward girls. Things become even more difficult when handsome and charismatic cowboy disciplinarian, Liam O’Donnell, who is in charge of behavioural aspects at the ranch, casts his stern eyes over Nicky. Nicola finds that she has her hands full impersonating her American twin, Claire, and dealing with the terrifying attempts that are suddenly being made on her own life. How safe will she be if someone discovers her true identity?
As if all that wasn’t enough, Nicky has a deep secret she has never shared with anyone: she is fascinated by spanking and, with so much at stake, she doesn’t need or want the added complication of Liam taking more than a passing interest in her and her sassy behaviour. She experiences every emotion that life can throw at her in this suspense-filled drama of mystery, deception, and that oh-so-alluring concept of discipline.
Has Nicky bitten off more than she can chew? Should she have taken note of the old adage ‘be careful what you wish for’?
As Josie finishes reading her grandmother’s incredible tale, her decision is made. Could the decision Nicola made decades earlier be the right one for her, as well? Should she follow in her footsteps?
Regularly priced at $4.99, but on sale this week for a special “flashback” sale of $2.99 until thisSaturday, May 22nd
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