For those of you who frequent blogland’s domestic discipline sites, you may know of Pooky from the blog CDD For Life.  Pooky, otherwise known as Patty Devlin, has written two fiction books about a DD couple and is currently working on completing the third installment of the series.  Blushing Books will release Choices Part One through its Sweet Blush line this week.   I caught Patty this week for an author interview.

Renee Rose:  Tell me about Choices
Patty Devlin:  Well, Jessie doesn’t realize what she had gotten herself into when she fell in love with and begged Gabe to marry her. She thought the occasional teasing he often did about her being a brat and needing a spanking or was just that- teasing. However, when he takes control and spanks her for disobeying him Jessie’s world is rocked. Gabe asks her to try things his way for a year and Jessie has to make a choice. (Now can you can guess what she chose?).
Of course she will have to make a lot more choices, and some are easier than others. In book two Jessie manages to wheedle a free spanking pass from Gabe. And how in the world will she ever decide when to use it?

Renee Rose:  Would you consider this series to fall under romance or women’s fiction with a spanking element?
Patty Devlin:  I hate this part! OK, to me, everything is romance. But I struggle desperately with categorizing. I believe that romance covers books that relate to developing the relationship of the hero and heroine. And in woman’s fiction the focus is on the heroine’s journey. In Choices, I want you to be romanced, and it does cover Gabe and Jessie’s relationship, however I want you to see Jessie’s growth along this journey. So- can I simply call it a Romantic Woman’s Fiction with a Spanking Element?

[RR:  Sure you can!  I haven’t had the privilege of reading them yet, but they sound like Women’s Fiction with romantic and spanking elements.  🙂  How’s that for splitting hairs?]

Renee Rose:  Are you working on a new book?
Patty Devlin:  How long can a fish be out of the water? Choices was never meant to be novellas, it was meant to be a full length novel. But, after seeing the norm on most of the spanking fiction sites I decided to break it up into three parts. Besides working on the final part of Choices, I’m actually working on a “real book” too. jk

Renee Rose:  What do you like to read in spanking fiction?
Patty Devlin:  What’s not to love? No, seriously I’m flexible. I love historicals, I love contemporary, I love cowboys… I’m not really in to sci-fi or fantasy so much but ocasional one will draw me in.

Renee Rose:  What is your writing process? (Do you write linearly? Do you plot it out beforehand or just wait to see how it unfolds?)
Patty Devlin:  For the most part I start with set scenes and plot from there. My set scenes suck me in. Then I plot out my conflicts and get a general idea where I’m going. So, I will end up with a very basic out line, but a lot of it unfolds as I go.

Renee Rose:  How much are you like your heroine?
Patty Devlin:  I want to say not a lot. I know I have, uh, some little problems with shopping maybe… I remember a day however after Dev [Patty’s husband] read Choices and maybe I was being a little bratty- (just a little I’m sure) I can’t remember much else but he called me “Jessie” of all the nerve.

Renee Rose:  You have been practicing DD for sixteen months.  What part of your stories come from real life experience?
Patty Devlin:  A lot of my characters fit into my friends or families personalities. I really do try to never make the hero or heroine similar to myself or my dear hubby.

Renee Rose:  What traits makes a hero admirable to you?
Patty Devlin:  He has to have high moral standards, he has to be honest, trustworthy, and fair. He can be firm and even harsh if he has to be, but he has to be loving and gentle and baby the heroine after disciplining her (by Gilmore at dhead inc).  Or any other time he feels like it 😉

Renee Rose:  Do your heroines brat or submit?
Patty Devlin:  Well both- duh.

Renee Rose:  How “out” are you about your domestic discipline lifestyle?
Patty Devlin:  Some of my good friends do know about our DD lifestyle. I do wish dearly that we could be more open, that people would accept it. That I knew any of my friends lived it…

Renee Rose:  How did you pick your pen name?
Patty Devlin:  That’s kind of funny but actually Christina at Red Booty Woman  said she couldn’t call me Pooky (on the Learning Domestic Discipline network) because it sounded like a pornstar name. So, after much deliberation she christened me Patty. I kind of liked it and it stuck. Well Devlin is near and dear to my heart. Voila- Pattty Devlin!