A note from the Author

Lycan Mating Games is by far one of my favorite series to write. I have loved the characters, cried when bad things happened, and often cried when good things happened. I am excited for everyone to read this third instalment. We are just warming up, there is so much more to come.

Just a nibble

“You will take ten strikes of the crop. Do you understand?”

Zoe nodded, fear and excitement prickling through her veins.

“Yes, Master.”

The first strike came quickly and stung like a bee sting. She hissed and almost forgot to count.

“One, Master,” she said before he could admonish her for not paying attention.

The next one struck the other cheek, and she blurted out her count, “Two, Master.” There was a third, a fourth, and then a fifth, all rather quickly, and she counted each one.

“Deep breaths, little mate, you are doing beautifully. Do you want me to tell you what I see?”

There were tears in her eyes when she looked back at him and replied, “Yes, Master.”


“Let’s just say that the other realms have been reminded of our presence. Take the message to the wolves that the dragons are coming.” 

In the generations since they came to Earth, they have forgotten their true beginnings. There are said to only be five realms that are connected to ours: Earth, Pavo, Fae, Asgard, and the Shadow Lands.

This is a story about Pavo, the dragon realm, and the four dominant Dragon Kings who rule there. For years there has been a liaison between the realms to supply the lusty dragons with sensual companionship. Zoe, a voluptuous librarian, accidentally stumbles upon the earthly portal and is transported to Pavo. Upon first glance of her beauty, Cane knows that he must have her in his bed – no matter the cost. Zoe finds herself drawn to the alpha dragon king and his fiery temperament. But a dragon could never mate with a human – could he?

Meanwhile, a sinister evil far greater than anything they have yet faced is coming for their kind. Thankfully, they have allies: wild, sensual creatures with scales and wings. They are ancient beasts that have sworn to protect the five realms.

Publisher’s Note: This action-packed, steamy sci-fi romance contains elements of power exchange.


His lips were hot and hard against hers. Zoe gasped at the intense feelings that were suddenly aroused in her belly. This dragon was nothing like the men on earth she had been with. His skin ran warmer than what she was used to, and she found herself drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

He wasn’t hesitant or uncertain. His kiss was demanding, thorough, and altogether soul rattling. Her Master knew how to exert his dominance in everything he did.

His tongue tangled with hers, probing and searching for who only knew what. He seemed to find what he desired in her, judging by the way his massive erection was pressing into her side.

Cane stood, not breaking the kiss, and moved her over to a bench where he was able to strap her legs wide apart. His little sub didn’t complain, just looked up at him with those big eyes in question. Her lips were bruised and swollen from his kiss and her body was flushed pink with desire.

Cane took her arms and secured them above her head so that her breasts pushed out away from her body. Without a word, he went to pick up a pair of nipple clamps. They were tame in comparison to some of the things he had. For a brief moment, he pictured adding a clamp to her clit. The fire inside of him raced to the surface. He fought shifting, something he hadn’t struggled with since he was a young boy.

He showed her the two clamps and said, “You are doing well, Zoe. I am going to put these clamps on your tender nipples. It will feel intense at first, but I promise you, the end result is well worth the discomfort.”

She swallowed nervously. “Yes, Master.”

His cock surged with the desire to be inside of her. Slowly, he attached the first clamp. She hissed but didn’t move away. Her distended nipple started to turn red. Next, he attached the other clamp and she gulped drawing in a harsh breath.

“You look so beautiful, Zoe. Do you know how fucking hard it makes me to see you like this? I want to do terrible things to you. My beast is clamouring to be inside of you.”

She trembled with the knowledge of the power she had over him. He was literally shaking; his hands coming up to her neck, he tilted her head up and kissed her. Zoe gave herself over to him body and soul, the stinging in her nipples not nearly as intense as it was before. His fingers brushed her soaked pussy and she mewled into the kiss.

Instead of deepening it, he moved away. She almost cried out in protest until she saw the large toy he had brought back. The bulbous head, he pressed directly against her clit and switched it on low.

Zoe gasped as waves of pleasure shot through her.

“Master,” she struggled to find the words. Zoe had always had a rather easy time coming and with this toy, she didn’t think she would last very long.

“Do not come, Zoe. You are only to come when I give you permission. Is that clear?”

Her eyes widened in dismay as he picked up the toy and rubbed it all around her tender folds, the top of its head growing damp from her. She could hear how wet she was and knew that he not only saw it but was staring at her pussy.

He flipped a switch and it started to go faster. She gasped, trying to hold on, “Master, oh, oh please! Master, please!”

There was a growl of satisfaction low in his throat. “I like to hear you beg me, Zoe.”

“Master, please, please may I come?”

Cane gave her ten more seconds of intense pleasure, and then when he saw she was literally on the brink, he demanded she come.

“Now, Zoe! Come for me, only for me.”

Her body shook against the restraints. She could no more control the spasms than she could the way her juices dripped from her pussy. It started to feel sensitive and she tried to escape the toy, but Cane wasn’t having it.