If you enjoy reading about ‘funishments’, then this collection of short stories is for you. Enjoy thirteen tales of roleplay, light power exchange, romance and more, just for the fun of it. You’ll laugh at the antics of the heroes and heroines as they warm your heart.

Publisher’s Note: Contains power exchange and explicit scenes. If this offends you, please do not buy or read this book.


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Now, he clicked the TV off and turned to her with a gleam in his eye. “Are your panties wet now?” he asked pointedly, arching one eyebrow.

She seemed to be all blushed out, for this time there was no red stain on her cheeks when she answered. “Yes. Very wet.”

He nodded. “I was afraid of that. You, miss, are the worst kind of bad girl, yet – the incorrigible kind. Even after seeing all that, you still want to have your bottom smacked, don’t you?”

She nodded her head without hesitation. “Yes. Very much.”

“Humph. Well, stand up, then, I suppose.” He waited, still sitting on the couch while she stood up in front of him. “What was your favorite part? When she was spanked over his knee, bent over the table, or over the pillows on the bed?”

She considered only briefly before she answered. “I liked it best when she was over his knee. And… I liked it when he pulled her clothes down for her. I liked that better than when he made her do it herself.”

“Hmm… Okay, then.” Henry took a loose hold of her wrist and tugged her to his right side, then pulled her forward, helping her to stretch out across his thighs. Once she was positioned over his lap, he took a firm grasp of the waistband of her sweatpants and with a hard yank, jerked them down past her hips and legs, all the way down until they twisted around her ankles.

“Oh!” she exclaimed, surprised by the sudden roughness of his action. If there was one thing that Henry Jacobsen did not seem to be at first glance, it was rough.

She now lay before him in only a pair of lacy, red panties. Those panties reminded him of her true sexuality – she’d been flirting mercilessly with him for about a year now when she came into the store, and she’d never once showed her shy side until today. He knew it had been a game to her, playing sweet and innocent about the spanking movie. These panties were evidence of the true sensual creature that Nina really was.

He gripped them in his fist and wrenched them down hard, too. Because they were more form-fitting than the loose sweatpants had been, the nylon and lace scratched against her fair skin on the way down. Nina gasped, but it wasn’t a sound of pain or complaint; it was clear to Henry that she was enjoying the way he was taking control over her.

When her panties had joined her sweatpants in a tangle around her feet, Henry used the flat of his hand to skim across her bottom from cheek to cheek, watching how her round globes flattened and moved against his hand. He thought of how the woman’s buttocks had looked in the movie, as they bounced under the man’s hand and paddle, and he grew hard beneath her, as he imagined the firm, pale cheeks beneath his hand doing the same.

“Are you ready?” he asked her softly.

“Yesss…” She sounded halfway to a climax already.

“All right, then. Here we go, Miss Nina. Hold on.”

She barely had a chance to follow his advice by grabbing hold of his ankle with both hands. He began to spank her immediately, bringing his hand down hard and fast all over her bottom, but especially low on her cheeks, where she would sit and remember being over his lap for the next few days. The sound of his hand connecting with her bottom was crisp and loud, dwarfing other noises in the room.

“You are a most naughty girl,” he scolded, as he smacked. “A very dirty girl, who masturbates after watching movies where girls get their bottoms smacked! Well, how does it feel now, Miss? Are you still all hot and bothered?

She didn’t answer him right away, as if she wanted a few extra cracks of his hand to truly make up her mind. But when she finally did, there was no doubting her sincerity. Words apparently couldn’t do her feelings justice because she simply let loose with a low, guttural moan, the likes of which Henry had never heard before. Then she pushed her bottom out at an absurd angle, spacing her legs just slightly apart, as if pleading mutely, “More, please! More!”

She now presented him with a clear view of all of her most private parts. She was too enthralled by the spanking, apparently, to be concerned with modesty. The hint of dewy arousal on the nest of curls between her legs made his cock throb.