Being with Max was like riding a sunbeam—ethereal, spellbinding, a dream I never wanted to wake from—and yet, somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew our relationship couldn’t possibly last. If I kept flying this close to the sun, I was bound to get burned.

I, Breanne Jennings, was head-over-heels in love with a man who had the power to break my heart in ways that terrified me.

My boss.

My lover.

My Dom…

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange.


Garrett grinned.“Max said you were lovely, Ms. Jennings, but he didn’t tell me you were this lovely.”



Max had said I was lovely?

I glanced at my boss. He stood with his hands fisted on his hips, his kissable lips pressed into a tight line. Jealousy, perhaps? Probably not, but it was a fun idea to play with.

Max jealous of another man touching me? That scenario would definitely go on my Max Fantasy List.

“Garrett,” Max said, stepping between us, “we need to start this meeting. Ms. Jennings has no doubt had a long day, and I’d hate to keep her any longer than we need to.”

Any longer than they needed to?

Oh, no.

“I can’t stay late tonight,” I said. “I have plans. I was about to leave when you—”

“You’ll have to cancel. I need you here for this purchasing meeting.”

And just like that, an I-want-to-fuck-Max moment imploded into an I’m-gonna-strangle-the-bastard moment.

I glanced at my watch again. Forty-five minutes until my date. “Purchasing new clothing lines is your department, not mine.” I just ran the store, managed inventory, took care of payroll. You know, pretty much every-fucking-thing else, but not purchasing.

“Garrett has brought some sample pieces for me to evaluate, but our model canceled at the last moment.”

I shook my head, knowing exactly where he was going. “I’m not a model, Max. You’ll have to reschedule. Besides, I have a—”

“Rescheduling isn’t an option. Garrett’s only in Dallas for the evening. He has to be on a plane for L.A. first thing in the morning.”


Garrett drew a fingertip down my arm. “For what it’s worth, you’ve got a better body for lingerie than most of the stick-thin models I’ve worked with. I prefer a woman with a little meat on her bones.”


Max hooked his index finger under my chin and drew my gaze back to him. “Make no mistake, Ms. Jennings. This isn’t a request. Either change, or we’ll strip you down and dress you ourselves.”