Rikki Renard, known as the Diva Driver of NASCAR, is in the lead for the championship this year. She has skill as a driver and an impressive knowledge of cars but her temper and outspoken attitude push most people away. Crew chief after crew chief has walked out of the job, afraid to stand up to the daughter of the team’s owner. 


Everyone but Brock Williams, that is. The minute the current chief walks out, Brock makes his interest in the position known to Rikki’s dad. Brock has been on Rikki’s crew for quite a while and he has watched her lose control and drive people away in the process. She doesn’t scare him, though, he has three younger sisters and knows the best way to calm her down. 


Richard Renard has a feeling about this young man and gives him the promotion on the spot. Brock may be just what his oldest daughter needs, both on and off the track. When Rikki finds herself attracted to her hot new crew chief, will she realize the error of her diva ways before it’s too late? Has she truly met her match in Brock, as he attempts to tame the Diva Driver? 


Publisher’s Note: This romance, which takes place in the NASCAR world, is intended for adults only and includes themes of discipline of adult women and mildly explicit scenes. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase. 


He got up and went to sit beside her. “Rikki, I don’t want to argue with you every time something comes up with one of the cars. Why not just let me do what I was hired to do? If you have a suggestion, I’ll listen. I gather that’s been the biggest issue with former crew chiefs.”

She turned her lips up in the slightest hint of a smile. “I know a lot about cars. Maybe as much as most crew chiefs. Some of the guys in the past didn’t want to acknowledge that. I don’t know if it is because I am a woman or because my dad is the team owner and they think I am a spoiled brat. Regardless, my opinion should count for something. If Johnny had told you to tighten that arm more, what would you have said to him?”

“Ouch. Point taken. I’m sorry if I offended you. I did mean what I said, though. Your attitude needs work. That may be the whole problem. You know that you have quite the reputation for being a diva. Sugar, not vinegar, remember that. If you don’t, I have ways to remind you. I have three sisters, you know.”

“Ways? Such as?” she asked.

“Let’s just say, each of my sisters has been over my knee a few times.”

She looked at him as if he was crazy. “You can’t be serious.”

He nodded and gave her the grin. “Try me.”

Why did the thought of him turning her over his knee and spanking her bottom make her tummy tingle? And what was it about that grin? Maybe she’d try doling out some more of that ‘vinegar’ to test him. He really wouldn’t, would he? She could have him fired for that! But she knew, deep down, she wouldn’t. Brock Williams was the first crew chief she wanted to stay. She couldn’t have cared less about any of the other ones before him. Damn, she was in trouble here.

And she was pretty sure everyone else knew it, too.

“You’re nuts,” she said.

“Maybe, but it works every time. Now, I’m going to go get some rest. I hope you sleep well. Tomorrow is a big day.”