Reminder that “Expecting It All” by Livia Grant is still on sale

Have you ever wondered what happens to the relationship when age-play couples decide to have children? Derek and Rachel Parker have been married for five years, and while Rachel adores her ‘Daddy’, and being his little girl, she longs to have a baby of her own.
When she finally becomes pregnant, Rachel is overjoyed, but all too soon she begins to realize that a baby changes everything. How can she still be her ‘Daddy’s little girl’ when she becomes a mother herself? None of the pregnancy advice books say anything about maintaining a healthy age-play/BDSM relationship in the face of real parenthood.
Derek, too, finds himself tormented by sudden fears and doubts. He loves caring for Rachel as a BDSM ‘Daddy’, but this will be different. He’s going to be a real father to a real infant; wholly dependent on him for round-the-clock care and nurturing. Can he do it?
‘Expecting it All’ takes a deeper look into the psychology and love behind age-play. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a front row seat as we watch two beloved characters from the Passion Series have their new, exciting futures shaped by childbirth and parenthood, through tears and laughter. All the characters you know and love from Grant’s powerful ensemble cast make an appearance in this, the fifth, fun, and light-hearted installment of Livia Grant’s best-selling series! Best of all, this book can be read as a standalone!
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Essence of Desire by Lee Roberts

Jack Taylor has a dilemma. A simple kiss has sent him reeling, and triggered intense waves of desire overpowering and taking control of his will. Dare he ride that tumultuous rollercoaster ride of passion again, which could carry him to heights of ecstasy or to valleys of despair?
He recalls his most impactful sexual relationships for insights into this current conundrum and to make sense of the powerful force and enigma that is desire. What he discovers surprises and liberates him, as he stumbles through his memories and learns a great secret underlying the lives we live – and perhaps the key to the perplexing mystery of desire, sex and love.
Chapter One is available for  FREE
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