Rescuing a Rock Star by Jamie Phillips

Candace ‘Candy Ass’ Astor, lead singer of the Violent Passions, has big plans for making a comeback. The Violent Passions may be a bit down and out and more than a little past their prime, but Candace isn’t finished yet. But she has a past that won’t stay in the past.

Rod Lawson has his own past to let go of. He’s lost his wife, and is finding it difficult to learn to live again. He is going through the motions, until a fateful walk through the park where the Violent Passions are playing an outdoor concert. While fighting his way through the throngs of punk rockers, wondering when punk came back, and why, he takes it in the head with a beer bottle wielded by none other than Candy Ass herself.

Before he knows what’s what, he’s overcome with his own passions and spanks the beautiful lead singer, again and again. Too late, he realizes that it’s all been caught on tape-live and in color.

Candace, shocked at first, is happy to meet a man with the guts to take a trouble maker like herself in hand and teach her the finer points of adult behavior. She is sure that this is the way back to her former glory.

Rod and Candace embark on a journey-one in which they both learn a great deal about themselves and each other. The road ahead is a rocky one, and they will both need to watch for the pitfalls. Will Rod let himself live again and allow love into his life? Will Candace ever grow up? Or will she be a ‘twenty-something’ with no boundaries for the rest of her life?

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