The love story of Princess Raven, banished to the tower by her father at the tender age of three, and Prince Richard, the hottie with a firm hand whose attempt to rescue her results in a feud between their kingdoms, is a modern day fairy tale cross between Rapunzel and Romeo and Juliet.

The couple finds an unlikely ally in Queen Lydia, the not-so-evil stepmother, but when it comes down to a choice between their respective thrones and the love they’ve discovered, is the relationship doomed forever?

Publisher’s Note: This fantasy tale contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

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“Princess Raven, I’m going to warn you one more time. Pay attention. This is all for your own good.”

“You’re going to warn me? I’m not used to taking orders from anyone. I have been left to my own devices for many years. I don’t need this.”

“Okay, that’s it. I can see that you’re going to be quite the handful if I don’t do something about it. You need to be shown who is the boss during this time we have together.” He stood up and walked toward her.

“What…what are you going to do?” she asked.

“Something that you’ve never had done before, I’m sure,” he said as he took her hand and pulled her up from her chair. He whirled around so that he was sitting in the chair, and before she could react, he had turned her over his knee.

“What are you doing?” she asked in an angry voice.

“Probably what your father should have done a few times all those years he left you to your own devices in that prison of a tower you call home.” A loud crack echoed through the room as his hand made contact with her denim-clad bottom.

“How dare you!”

“How dare you defy me, Princess.” His hand smacked her bottom again, this time harder than the first blow.

Raven squirmed, trying to free herself of his vise-like grip. He was holding her down with one hand and smacking her bottom with the other. Another crack and she was crying. He continued to spank her as the tears rolled down her cheeks. She had never known anything like this. It was humiliating and it hurt, but it also made her feel as if someone cared enough about her to want her to succeed. As one more slap to her bottom came down at the hand of the prince, she softened. His touch stung like fire, but another fire was smoldering deep within her belly. It was almost like what she’d read about, a kind of overwhelming craving, a heat that needed to be extinguished, but how?

Richard loosened his grip on her and pulled her up so that she was sitting on his lap now instead of lying across it.

“Do you understand now that you have to try and listen to me? I’m only trying to help you. You may think it’s stupid, but in the long run, you’ll be glad to know the things I’m attempting to teach you.”