Whoops Wrong Ranch by Misty Malone

Published: May 21, 2017

Genre: Contemporary, Western, Romance



Tara Knight hasn’t heard from her best friend, Abby, in a few months, and she’s worried. The last time she did hear from her, Abby said she’d quit her job as cook and housekeeper for a rancher in Texas when he tried to force himself on her. 
After dropping that bombshell, Abby simply disappeared. Tara is nervous as she confronts Abby’s old boss, but when he doesn’t seem to remember Abby, Tara tells him what she thinks of him… with a gun in her hand!

Landon Traxler calmly listens to Tara and soon realizes she’s not the tough sounding lady she tries to appear to be. He quickly relieves her of the gun, then sets the record straight, with the feisty little lady over his knee. After hearing her story about Abby, he decides to help, starting with finding Tara a job on a neighboring ranch owned by his best friend, Craig. Landon and Tara develop feelings for each other while working through a series of misunderstandings, but they do find Abby, and bring her safely back to Texas. Craig offers Abby a job, as well, and the two of them hit it off immediately.

Life starts to settle down for the two young couples, but the quiet doesn’t last long. What happens when an old boyfriend makes an unwanted appearance? Will the men see a side of the ladies they haven’t seen before? Will they be able to convince the women they’re safe now? Will Tara come to take back her original words, “Whoops! Wrong ranch,” after discovering that Landon’s ranch was the perfect one for her?



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