Having all the money in the world means nothing if you can’t share it with someone you love.

After winning $900 million in the Mega Millions Lottery, single mom, Gretchen Nelson, is having a hard time adjusting to her new way of living. Being super-rich is a far cry from being homeless only the year before. Guarded night and day against kidnap and extortion attempts means she and her daughter, Amy, are never alone. This constant scrutiny is wearing thin, so when Gretchen meets Rowdy Jackson, bareback rodeo champion, she pushes back against the restraints all that money places upon her so she can get to know him better.

Rowdy is a world champion in his field and there’s every reason to believe it will continue. When he meets Gretchen and her daughter, he’s charmed, but soon realizes Gretchen’s money is going to be an obstacle. He’s well set because of his rodeo triumphs, but it’s nothing like Gretchen’s out-of-sight winnings. Her guardians are over-protective, but they’re also very good at what they do, and they care about Gretchen and Amy as though they were relatives.

Gretchen is constantly trying to “do the right thing” and give her money away, but she makes poor decisions and doesn’t always listen to her advisors. Rowdy has to firmly remind her to think twice about who she helps and how.

Can Gretchen and Rowdy find a way to be together despite her money? And what are they going to do when Amy’s deadbeat dad shows up to get a share?

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“I get the idea.” She got close to him, so close they were sharing their breath. His good hand snaked under her dress and into her lacy panties. “Oh, my.”

“If I had my other hand free, do you know what I’d be doing?” he whispered in her ear as he left little kisses on her cheek. She shook her head to tell him to go on. “I’d be spanking your cute little butt until it was pink as a peony in my ma’s garden.”

Gretchen’s center began to melt and she knew she’d be dripping into the hand in her panties. “Promise?” She felt him nod against her ear.

“Lie on the floor,” he ordered. “Knees up, legs apart.”

She rubbed her body against his as she got down and lay back on the floor. He knelt down between her knees and pulled one side of her panties down and off her leg, leaving only one side on an ankle and her pussy completely exposed. “Look at that peach. Just right for eating,” he said, a smile in his drawl.

“It’s getting dark. How can you see anything?”

“I can smell you. You smell ripe, tender and juicy.”

Heat suffused her face. “You’re a bad man, Rowdy Jackson.”

He fingered her between her legs and then went down on her with enthusiasm. She squirmed and moaned hoping for something solid between her legs, something more than his callused fingers, but at the same time, she loved the feeling of his tongue and teeth on her sensitive flesh. Within only a few minutes, she was gasping and pressing her hips up against his mouth.

With one more nip, she was over the moon. She cried out and then put her hand over her mouth to stifle herself and keep Bob from rushing in. Rowdy had paused at the sound as well, and they waited until they were sure the big man wasn’t going to hurry to her rescue. When they were sure the coast was clear, they lay together on the thick white carpet, catching their breaths. Gretchen was very satisfied, but a little concerned Rowdy was not.

“My turn later,” he said, reading her mind. “I’ve got blue balls.”

“We can’t have that,” she whispered. “We have a few more minutes, if you want–”

“We don’t have time, princess. I can wait. I’m a big boy past my teens.”

“Thank you, Rowdy. You make me very happy.”

“Just you remember this day on this carpet. That’s about the best thank-you I could ever receive.”

“I won’t forget.”

“Good. Put your panties on and let’s get going.”