It wasn’t in Jacob’s plan to have a wild, foul-mouthed little girl at his side. He had always pictured his “girl” as someone sweet and sensible. Then Ruby shows up and steals his heart at first glance. From her bohemian get up to the wild hair that matches her fiery personality, the pint-sized princess is everything he hadn’t imagined, and the only one he wants.

Though Ruby is smitten with the handsome young gentleman, she can’t stop herself from sabotaging their happiness. Her insecurities cause her to test Jacob as she questions her worth. And Ruby is terrified that Jacob will leave her when he finds out the secrets that she has kept hidden for years.

Managing the bumpy road of young love is difficult enough, but Ruby’s strange behavior leads Jacob to seek his family’s advice. It just so happens that their enviable marriages have one thing in common – the women are ‘taken in hand.’ The idea of taking Ruby over his knee comes naturally to Jacob, but what will his girl have to say about the matter? And what will become of their love when Ruby reveals her secrets?

Publisher’s Note: While this story includes characters from the Taken series, it can be read as a standalone. This sweet romance contains elements of power exchange. If this theme offends you, please do not purchase.