Ryder by BJ Wane

Murder on Magnolia Island Trilogy, Book 3

RELEASE DATE:  June 26, 2017

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It took seeing another man come on to her and a risk to her life to open his eyes to what had been right before him all along.


Jada Michaels had been lusting after Detective Ryder Lemaster for two years, but failed to get more than a passing nod from him at the police station. Then an opportunity arises to further her career by investigating the murder case of a friend of Ryder’s on the sly. After he tries to dissuade her by making a bet and losing, Jada agrees to let Ryder tutor her in sexual submissiveness in order to attend a private party with all the suspects invited as guests.

Ryder had struggled against his attraction to Jada because he could’ve sworn the IT technician didn’t possess a submissive bone in her sleek, well-toned body. To his astonishment, and hers, she responded without fail to every hard slap and every dominate sexual demand. But after losing his wife to cancer, he swore off relationships and refused to let his need for Jada go any further than their short foray into the investigation. It took seeing another man come on to her and a risk to her life to open his eyes to what had been right before him all along.

As the murderer is revealed and secrets on Magnolia Island unearthed, the Lemaster men and their women have come to grips with the betrayals surrounding them.

DISCLAIMER: This book is intended for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange, BDSM, and explicit sexual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.



Ryder’s hand hurt by the time he stopped and caressed Jada’s burning ass.  He could feel her buttocks throbbing as her entire body shivered from his pacifying touch.  “Feel good?” he whispered in her ear.

“Of course it doesn’t,” she snapped, and he heard the embarrassment in her voice.

“I think I’ll just see for myself.”  He kept one hand on her ass, going in soothing circles over the hot flesh as he cupped his other between her legs.  Shit.  Her pussy was almost as hot as her ass, the damp, swollen flesh of her labia damn near burning his palm.  “Your words don’t match what your body is telling me.  Lying will get you punished, Jada.”  Ryder delivered a stinging blow to the inside of her thigh then returned to the lure of her sweet pussy.  “Now, let’s try again.  Feel good?”

She made him wait, but finally whispered an honest reply.  “Yes, but it’s just because you’re touching me now.  I’m not into pain.”

“If you say so.”  He wouldn’t push her, at least not now.  Her response took him by surprise, dashed his hopes she would back off once she had a taste of his preferences.  Another glaring reminder Jada Michaels never behaved in a predictable manner.  “Let’s see just how good you feel.”

Ryder’s two middle fingers slid between those plump folds with the ease of a knife going through softened butter.  Slick, warm muscles clamped around his digits and clung with a circulation slowing grip.  He couldn’t hold back a low laugh of pure, masculine pleasure as he fingered her with slow, deep thrusts that drove her up on her toes before easing back.  “Yeah, I agree,” he taunted.  “You’re definitely not into pain.”

“I….”  Jada gasped when he pressed that special spot every woman had that was sure to drive her wild.  “Damn it, Ryder, do something.”

Finding her clit, he pinched the puffy, hardened bud, the slight pain drawing another gasp followed by another full body shudder.  “You don’t give the orders, sweetheart, remember?  You do what I say, what I want, when I want it.  Still think you can handle this course you’ve set yourself up to take?”

Whipping her face around, their noses bumped and their breath mingled with her answer.  “I can handle anything you dish out, Detective.  You’re not driving me off.”

Author Interview

What is your favorite genre? Erotic suspense

Libraries or bookstore? I do both. I get books at the library a lot, but if it’s really good, I’ll buy the print copy for my keeper shelf.

Do you like to outline or just dive right in when writing? I usually start with a general outline of scenes, but more often than not, the characters don’t end up following it!

What genres do you write in? I stick with what I know best -contemporary erotic romances-some with a touch of suspense. Murder On Magnolia Island Trilogy is my first ‘mystery’.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Great Britain and visit all the small villages where they shoot their popular mystery show, Midsomer Murders.

Would you rather do the spanking or be spanked? Be spanked

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

Coffee or tea? I love both

How much research do you typically do on a novel? Research is hubby’s job, and he loves doing it. I tell him my plot and give him a list of things I need info. Saves me a lot of time.


Logan by BJ Wane

Murder on Magnolia Island Book One

Logan Lemaster drew Melanie Barnes under his protective wing the moment he rescued her from a fall off her bike. She was six and he thirteen, and his over-protectiveness never abated over the next twenty years. When a good friend ends up murdered on the family’s private island following one of Logan’s BDSM weekend parties, Melanie insists on being there to comfort him. Only, he hadn’t counted on the grown woman’s tenacious determination to worm her way past his defenses and into his bed. He has spent the past eight years – since Melanie reached adulthood and made her interest in expanding on their friendship known – refusing to jeopardize their special bond by introducing her to his kinky preferences. But he is only human, and when her grief over an assault on a co-worker leads him to comfort her, his good intentions fall to the wayside under her responsive body.

As he and his cousins plan to hold another BDSM party to feel out their friends for hints about which one betrayed them in the worst way, Logan tutors Melanie in his sexual preferences so she can join him. But as they grow closer, so does the killer, and when her life is threatened, Logan knows he will stop at nothing to protect her and make her his in every way.

Publisher’s Note: This book is intended for adults only. It contains elements of power exchange and BDSM, including explicit sexual scenes and anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

On sale for just $.99

Hunter by BJ Wane

Murder on Magnolia Island Book Two

After rescuing a woman from the storm-tossed waters surrounding his family island, Hunter Lemaster grows suspicious of Chloe Markham’s motives for being out in the inclement weather. When his stranded guest exhibits signs of submissiveness and neglected need, her shy demeanor draws on the strict Dom side of him and he can’t resist giving her what she so desperately needs. Taking advantage of her vulnerable state, he uses his expertise to question her, but is still unable to get the full truth from her.

After returning to Charleston from her ill-fated trip to Magnolia Island, Chloe resigns herself to returning to La Rouge, the club her best friend introduced her to. After getting herself into a bind of her own making, Chloe is shocked when Hunter Lemaster swoops in to rescue her. The truth is now out about why she was so close to his island, and Hunter agrees to let Chloe accompany him back to Magnolia when his friends return so she can assist in their continued search for a murderer. A threat against Chloe at the end of the weekend proves they are on to something, and also convinces Hunter to keep Chloe close – for her safety and his pleasure.


About the Author

I live in the Midwest with my husband and our two dogs.  I love dogs, enjoy spending time with my daughter, babysitting dogs and kids, reading and working puzzles.  We have traveled extensively throughout the states, Canada and just once overseas, but I much prefer being homebody.  I worked for a while writing articles for a local magazine but soon found my interest in writing for myself peaking.  My first book was strictly spanking erotica, but I slowly evolved to writing erotic romance with an emphasis on spanking.  My favorite genre to read is Romantic Suspense.






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