Secrets, lies and a syringe of tranquillizer. No one suspects that the aloof, straight-laced Savena Paige spends her nights prowling the smart bars of the Upper East Side, robbing wealthy men. But Savena’s criminal career is soon in jeopardy when rich, sexy Luke Caen discovers her secret and sets out to reform her.

Despite her attraction to the hot billionaire, she has no intention of going straight. They are soon working out their differences in the bedroom. When Luke finds out that Savena is using an alias to escape a tragic past and the attentions of a ruthless criminal, he knows he must fight for a lot more than the beauty’s redemption…

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romantic thriller includes elements of power exchange.


She shrieked as Luke’s hand slammed her butt. As she jerked up, it came down again. And again. Savena sobbed, now regretting her decision to brazen it out with him.

He stroked her stinging cheeks. “Your ass is as ripe as a cherry, my lovely.” She tried to squirm off his lap, only to receive another hard smack. “Damn, that feels good,” he murmured, rubbing her butt.

In some twisted way, she had to agree. Strange, how being spanked could make the pleasure center ache with need. She felt his fingers part her cheeks, stroke between. Instinctively, she clenched. “Relax,” he ordered. When she didn’t, he reached under her to pinch her nipple inside her tunic. The spear of pain brought her hips up, only to be thrust down again by his firm hand.

“I could do this all night,” he warned her, palming her breast with one hand while spanking her sorry butt with the other. “You really are worth all this trouble.”

He dragged her further across his knee, so her hands were resting on the floor, her rear end stuck up in the air. She tried to fall forward to free herself altogether, but he gripped her hips, hauled her back, rewarded her badness with a stinging slap to the underside of her buttocks.

“You have one hell of a smackable ass, Savena.”

“Apparently,” she agreed, receiving another hearty whack for her backtalk.

Her bum was on fire, she was in the most undignified position, and Luke had pushed open her legs to explore her.

“Okay, you’re good to go,” he said, tossing her on to the bed. “Get undressed.”

She stripped, too shaken to argue.

“Are you going to do everything I ask from you tonight, Savena?”

Surely total obedience wasn’t necessary. “I might, then again I might not.”

A wicked half grin turned up one corner of his mouth. “I’m glad you warned me.”

He grabbed a condom, tore the wrapper with his teeth. Watching him fit himself, Savena’s whole body pulsed at the sight. So big. Wonderfully, painfully big, and about to be inside her.

“Turn over.”

He spoke softly, giving her courage to mount a challenge. “I’d like to be on top.”

Not the best approach. Against her protests, he flipped her forcefully on to her stomach, thwacked her hard. “This is how I’m going to fuck you, at least for a while.”

On his knees behind her, he raised her hips high, pushed her legs wide apart until every part of her was exposed. She felt his cock trace her. Savena buried her face in the pillows, shivering.

He leaned forward, drew her long hair away from her face. His lips swept her shoulder, his hand stroking her sex. “Fight me, but don’t fight who you are.”

At that moment, when she was at his mercy, bared to him in body and mind, and probably soul, she felt something happen in her heart. As strange as the feeling was, she realized that she wanted to submit, completely, to please Luke. It hadn’t weakened her as she would expect, but made her stronger, released her from her sexual constraints. She was Luke’s equal now, free to give him her power, free to feel whatever she wanted.

He must have felt the transformation in her, as he gently stroked her cheek. “At last.”

She felt him move away, felt his big hands grip her butt.

“Now I want you to stay still while I look at you.”

As he ran his hands over her, slowly exploring everything she had between legs and cheeks, she held herself steady, now loving the domination. She’d always sensed it in herself, but never thought of power exchange as a sexual option. Luke had opened her up in every sense of the word. Never again would she suppress her sexual needs.

“You already know that you need my permission to come,” he said into her thoughts. “Are you clear on that?”

“Yes, Luke,” she said obediently.

She could feel her heart beating, the breath in her lungs, the sound of Luke’s small grunt when he pushed into her slowly, his huge penis expanding her. “You’re doing well, Savena.”

He withdrew, spanked, entered her again. With each entry, withdrawal and spank, her body heated until she could no longer tell the pain and the pleasure apart.

“I’m going to climax,” she whimpered, trying to hold herself back.

He pulled out, rolled her over so fast, her head spun. “Not until I say.” He handed her the sleep mask. “Put this on.”

She slipped it over her eyes. Being in the dark made her feel vulnerable, yet unbelievably turned on. His big hands lifted her, held her high while his warm tongue slid between her breasts down to her navel. The hands lowered her again, so she was on his lap, facing away from him, her legs hanging over the edge of the bed.

“I’ll let you fuck me for a while,” he whispered against the back of her neck. His arm slid around her waist to raise her, lowered her again. The sensation of being filled while blindfolded had her gasping in delight.

“I can’t move,” she whispered, unable to get enough leverage to pump.

She felt her hands placed on his knees. Gripping tightly, she thrust onto him while Luke held her waist in one hand with his other on her clit.

“I-I can’t hold…”

Savena tried not to make a sound as the ecstasy coursed along every nerve in her body. She felt his arm tighten around, holding her down while he throbbed into her, his fingers still on her clit to see her through the aftermath of twitches and jerks.

She was for it now.

She went to remove the blindfold, but he growled into her hair. “Leave it. You came, Savena!”

“I couldn’t help it with you on my clit. Anyway, you did too.”

“That’s my right.” He lifted her, put on a new condom, and with her body secured to his erection which hadn’t deflated at all, he took her to the shower, and turned on the spray. Still off her feet, he set her against the wall face first and began to fuck her again.

She moaned as her body was pushed up and down against the tiles. He stopped, moved back, stretched her out so she was parallel to the floor, her legs each side of his waist. With his hands holding her hips, and her own flat to the shower wall to stop herself from falling, she was powerless. Being a sub had its disadvantages, she inwardly grumbled when he thrust into her so hard, her arms buckled. She could barely keep herself straight and, as much as she loved having her body under his control, being pummeled while blindfolded was more than she’d bargained on.

“I-I-I’m c-c-c-oming again!” she jittered as he gave her several extra hard strokes.

“Two minutes,” he told her. “Then you come.”

“I-I-I’ll tr-try.”

Holding her in one arm, she felt his other hand stroke her breasts, his fingers dragging on each nipple. The sting sent a lance of sexual heat to her core. Her hands started to slide down the slippery wall. As she fell forward, Luke caught her, locked her to his groin while he continued his punishing drives. She was all but dangling from him, and when he finally paused, she felt him release deep inside her body.

“Luke,” she cried, trying to get traction on the wall. “Please.”

“Come now.”

It only took a single shunt and one smack to the side of her buttock to catapult her into paradise. She screamed at the strength of the first crest, fisting the shower wall, her body straining under the pressure. A climax almost as powerful as this morning’s.



Author Interview


What is your favorite novel?

Favorite romance novel is Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. First published in 1938, it’s still a must read for those who love the combination of mystery and romance. Beautifully written, Gothic, a brooding hero, a quiet but resolute heroine, and of course a murder to solve.

What genres do you write in?

I’ve always loved mystery stories so it was natural for me to make mystery romance my signature genre. I love developing the twists and turns of a complicated plot, especially around how the surprise elements will work. Good mystery novels need strong secondary characters to keep the story flowing and the reader guessing so in my books, the hero and heroine are interacting with all kinds of people and situations.

Do you like to outline or just dive right in when writing?

I dive right in. That’s the fun, but it means I have to revise constantly to ensure any plot holes are plugged as I go.

What books would sit beside Wuthering Heights on a shelf at the bookstore?

Gothic romance. It’s all about strange happenings, blended time periods, betrayal and death. Stories with ghosts, haunted houses, treachery, unsolved murders and unrequited love.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where you go?

New York, definitely. The streets, the architecture, the people, the parks, the vibrancy. Two of my books are set in New York, including my soon to be finished manuscript which is mostly in Greenwich Village.

Tea or Coffee?

As an epic consumer of flat white coffee, coffee it is.

What was the hardest part about writing Savena’s Secret?

She’s a badass woman, so while she was an interesting character to write, I had to make sure her crimes didn’t overshadow her back story. She also needed more than beauty. She needed to be intriguing enough to draw the hero in, make him want to both reform her and discipline her. And of course there’s the intense and very detailed sex scenes.



Character Interview



Q: Hello Savena. You are the criminal heroine of Savena’s Secret. How would you describe yourself?

A: I’m beautiful, smart, resourceful and very good at being very bad. You must understand though, I’ve had a tragic past that turned me to crime. To say how or why would be telling. I keep secrets. You’d be very surprised to know what they are.


Q: Do you liked to be disciplined by a dom?

A: It makes me wet just thinking about being disciplined by Lucas Caen. He’s the sexiest billionaire in New York, renowned for giving the best orgasms in the state. He’s rich, he’s handsome, he’s gifted in every way that matters. He’s also digging into my past which pisses me no end, but he’ll only find out what I want him to know. Game on.


Q: Lucas Caen, you are the hero of Savena’s Secret. What attracted you to this naughty heroine.

A: The moment I first saw the icy, prim Savena Paige, I suspected she was hiding something. I was right. By day, she plays the strait-laced, business-suited manager of the exclusive Bexford Apartments on Fifth Avenue (I own the penthouse, by the way). By night, as I later found out, she’s a whole other person. Dressed to kill, looking for male prey to rob, preferably married prey because marrieds tell no tales. My Chief Financial Officer got caught in her web. But that’s a whole other story.


Q: She said she has a secret past. Were you able to find out what that was?

A: That’s where Savena’s story gets interesting. My private investigator found out who she really is, and it came as quite the surprise. But that’s just the beginning of understanding her complicated life.


Q: What is she like to discipline?

A: Beneath her drab outfits and butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-her-mouth expression, she’s a sensual masterpiece worthy of a dom’s best work. She’s not only beautiful, she’s incredibly gifted at satisfying a man. In fact, I’ve never known any woman like her, and I’ve had more than my fair share of New York’s finest socialites. Yet despite our hotter than Hades sessions, Savena has always played the temptress to try and manipulate me. It’s never worked, but that doesn’t stop her. Fact is, to be on top of Savena, so to speak, a man has to be one step ahead.


A note from the author


I’ve had this story in my mind for several years, but somehow got sidetracked by other projects. The story evolved, particularly the major plot twist midway through the book and the dangerous character who threatens Savena’s safety. I always enjoy working New York’s famous streets into my stories and in this book, I’ve included two other major destinations. Writing those involved a lot Googling.

5 Fun Facts

  1. Has a tiny Italian Greyhound who could easily outrun an Olympic hundred meters sprinter. Susann kids you not.
  2. Loves all things Italian. The food, the wine, the cars, the fashion, the coffee, the architecture, the everything.
  3. Hates toast crumbs on the countertop because she’s too fussy for her own good.
  4. Watches way too many movies when she should be writing.
  5. Drinks chardonnay and/or sauvignon blanc with any kind of cheese.


About the Author

Susann Oriel loves to write erotic mysteries with plots that constantly surprise. Her stories can be dark, her characters not necessarily of this world, and her settings anywhere from New York to small town. Creating stormy, emotionally charged relationships between her leads, along with intense love scenes has become Susann’s signature style. Her beautiful, sexy heroes might sometimes dominate, but her captivating heroines love the challenge of a talented alpha.