Their wedding and honeymoon were idyllic, but as summer approaches, Cade’s job as owner of a construction business naturally heats up. Lydia’s success serving as an American Sign Language interpreter in a successful pilot school to work program brings her some local fame and attention. The demands made on their time make life difficult as they struggle to find time for each other.

When a state senator who wants Lydia to interpret his talks and speeches asks to meet with her, she is flattered. But the good looking and powerful Senator Jacobi is not what he seems. When his mildly inappropriate behavior escalates into an obsession, Lydia finds herself trapped alone – in her own home – with a man who announces his intentions to violate and hurt her.

In an attempt to bring the senator to justice, Lydia needs the help of her best friend Sarah, a dynamic journalist committed to women’s rights, and other women who have also been victims. And because their men will never allow the risk and danger required to go after him, they must keep their work a secret for as long as they can. As it turns out, even in the time of ‘Me Too,’ it is difficult for regular women to prosecute powerful men.

Publisher’s Note: This story contains a theme of power exchange.

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Sarah turned to him and saw that a he was holding a small paddle. She couldn’t help but gasp. He repeated, “Come here,”

She shuffled over as well as she could with her pants and panties around her knees, hobbling, and stood in front of him. Connor wasted no time in flipping her over one knee and began to spank her with his hand that was large enough to cover her entire bottom. Almost immediately, she began to beg him to stop.

“A spanking stops when I say so, little girl, and we have a ways to go!” He continued spanking, moving down to her sit spots and thighs. He planned that she would remember this spanking for a long while. “I plan to keep spanking you until this bottom is bright red. This is for sneaking around behind my back. Don’t you ever do that again! Do you understand?”

“Yes, Connor, but please, please, it hurts so much!”

He stopped momentarily then and said, “I’ll bet it does. It’s supposed to! And if you hadn’t lied to me too, this would be over now, but you did, so you’re getting some of the paddle too!”

“Oh, Connor, no! Please! I can’t stand it!”

Connor grabbed the paddle, and though he didn’t plan to use it long, he knew that the implement was much more painful than his hand. But he wanted this punishment to be remembered. The first smack brought a howl from Sarah that she kept up until she ran out of breath. After about twenty smacks, he could see he had raised a few welts that must hurt like hell so he stopped. Sarah was limp over his lap, her shiny, hot bottom now decorated with some deep red marks. It was a truly punished bottom and Connor was satisfied she would remember it.

Sarah tried to get up but he held her there, and though he gently rubbed her back, he said, “You stay right there for a while, little girl. I won’t spank anymore, but I want you to think about how you look with your naughty red bottom up over my knee with some very red paddle marks and your panties at your knees. That’s the picture I want in your head when you even think about doing anything like you did today. Got it?”

The picture he painted was memorable and painful. And though she still thought she and Lydia did what they had to, she really hoped she could avoid ever getting this kind of punishment again. “Got it,” she answered as her sobs let up.

He let her up then pulled up her pants to a hiss that was satisfying to him.

“All right, let’s go upstairs. I think Cade and I are ready to listen to your story now.”