I’m Cindy Lopez and I’ve always been a good girl—which gets really exhausting after a while, to be honest. Now that I’m in college, keeping up my good girl status is even harder. The devil in torn fatigues, Erik, isn’t making things easier for me. He’s a jerk, rough and mean sometimes, but he makes me melt like helado in the sun, and he’s a good listener when I’m confessing my darkest desires. Yes, it’s a trap. I know I’m falling for it. I don’t really care. If sinning with the devil can be so heavenly, then I’ll let myself be damned. I just hope I recover when he eventually breaks my heart.

I’m Erik Rowland and when I first see Cynthia, I decide she’s mine. Yes, there is a reason I’ve shown up in her life and it’s supposed to be strictly business, but that flies out the window when we connect in person. I’m not the person she thinks I am, I’m much darker, but together we become unstoppable. She awakens a part of me I don’t often show, if anyone harms her they’ll feel my wrath. I’m the only person who is allowed to cause her pain, thankfully, we both relish it.

This is book two in the Jerks of Miami series. Each book stands alone with new characters.

Publisher’s Note: This dark contemporary, mystery, suspense romance is intended for adults only and contains themes of consensual non-consent, BDSM, heavy power exchange, violence, and sensual scenes. There are possible triggers for some readers. There is a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The sky was on fire when Erik woke me again, one hand wrapped around my hair and the other gripping my breast in an iron grip as he took me from behind. He slipped out of my cunt to come in my ass, stroking my clit and forcing me to come for him again. Of course, I would have done it, anyway. No matter how he hurt me, I’d always come for the devil.

He smacked my ass again when he was done, and he wasn’t even trying to be gentle. “You win,” he said.

“I win what?”

“We’re going into town today and getting the license.”

“License for what?”

“To make you my wife,” he said.

“How? I’m not even me!” I argued. “I don’t even have my papers. It won’t be legal and you don’t want to marry me. I won’t go along with it.”

“You’ll do what I say, wife,” he said, pulling my hair again. “It’s going to be legal because it needs to be.”

“Stop torturing me, Erik,” I said.

“Never.” He bit my earlobe pretty hard. “That’s the point. I’m never going to stop.”

“No, you can’t do it unless I agree and I don’t agree.”

“Oh, believe me, you will agree when I’m done.”

Then he turned me on my back and though I fought him again, he made love to me with an excruciating tenderness that hurt so badly I wanted to die. He could do it. He could make me love him and once I did, I knew my life would be over, and if I didn’t let him love me, my life was over anyway. His touch was embedded in my pores and his rich ocean scent was seared in my memory, and my memory was forever. No one who came later could ever erase him.

“Oh, please stop,” I said, as I came a second time. “Please, be kind. Don’t do this.”

“It’s too late, beautiful,” he said, kissing my clavicle. “It’s too late for both of us. Can’t you see that?”

“God, I hate you.” I wept.

He grabbed my face in his hands and kissed me hard, as he’d just been waiting to believe me when I said the words and now he did and he found it perfect.

“Good, beautiful,” he said, moving his lips to my jaw. Then he turned those gray eyes on me, nearly black with his irises wide open. “That’s the only way you’ll survive being my wife, Cyn. You’ll have to really hate me sometimes. But don’t you ever disobey me, because I will be merciless. You hear? All your tears taste delicious to me. I won’t stop punishing you, no matter how much you beg. Do you believe me?”

I know that shouldn’t have turned me on, but it did.

“Yes, I do,” I said.

“See?” He grinned. “You said it once, and you’ll say it again.”

“You’re not serious,” I said.

“Cyn, I’m serious as a heart attack.” Then Erik pinned my arms over my head as he plowed into me, and all I did was wrap my legs around him to let the devil hurt me some more.

Because I was fucked, and I knew it.