Samuel Fox is shocked to find two small girls alone on the trail. After discovering that the wagon train abandoned them and their parents had died in their wagon, he takes them home to his childless wife.

Together, they decide to adopt and raise the two girls, Spring and Autumn, along with Brenden, the boy they took in several years previously.

Brenden knew on the day he saved Spring’s life when she was seven years old that she would someday be his. He proved his love for her by waiting until she was old enough to become his bride.

Spring, however, has grown up to be a handful. Is Brenden up to the task of keeping her in line?

Publisher’s Note: This historical Western romance contains graphic scenes as well as stern discipline. If such material is offensive to you, please refrain from reading it.




Suddenly, they heard the crack of a rifle. Turning automatically to look for Spring, they saw her slump over her horse’s neck. The horse was well trained and slowed immediately. Coming to a stop, the horse knelt, to allow Spring to slide off.

Brenden couldn’t move, horror written on his face, a scream stuck in his throat. Samuel slapped him on the back as he hurried down the hill towards Spring, Brenden and the men following. Samuel jumped off his horse before it stopped, Brenden right behind him. Blood covered Spring’s shirt over her shoulder.

Samuel looked to Mike as he had trusted this man with his life, more than one time. “Ride hard for town to the doctor. Send him here as fast as he can get here. Stop by the sheriff’s office, before you head back; tell Mark he needs to get here with Jarod. As soon as I know Spring’s all right, I am going hunting with the law or without. If I find the man who did this, and he is not there to stop me, I will kill him, whomever it is. Tell Mark just like I said it.”

Author Interview

What made you decide to try your hand at writing a western?

I wanted to challenge myself. My goal is to keep getting better. This western was harder than I thought it would be. I hope to continue improving in this series the same as I felt I did with the Healer series. Since this is a new adventure for me every book is a learning experience.

Do you use an outline?

Yes, but rarely does it follow it all the way through.

Who are your favorite authors?

Christine Feehan and Sarah McCarty are a couple of my all-time favorites. I love the dark series and shape shifter series Christine does. I just read one of her shape shifters and realized how much better she is. She is a New York times best author. Someday I want that for me and all of you. It is my goal to bring you as much enjoyment reading my books as it is for me to write them. It is something I will keep striving for.

What is your favorite sport?

Football. I love my Green Bay Packers. Even though Aron was hurt, and our year sucked. I am an eternal optimist. There is always next season.

What is your favorite charity?

I give to the local animal shelters every chance I get. We also have some “wild” Shelters were the feral cats get fed and have a warm barn or shed to stay in that are always in need.

What is your favorite thing to do on a cold winters day?

I love to bake although my husband is a diabetic and I don’t get to do it much anymore. I love the smell of the house when it is filled with the smells of baking bread or cookies or cakes. Yummy. I also don’t have much time for it anymore for some reason.