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Dear Readers,

I hope you’re having as much fun reading The Marriage Market series as I’m having writing it.  Each novel and each bride take me off in new and exciting directions.  These girls are all so different with unique dreams of what the perfect man; the perfect marriage will be like.  Their personalities are revealed to me as I go along and sometimes even I’m shocked.

In Suzanna, the 4th book of the series, I had to hang on for the ride.  My poor fingers could barely keep up with the way this young woman’s mind works and talk about determined!  Suzanna, the sweet southern belle from Georgia, is more like a modern day bulldozer when it comes to getting what she wants.  Money, social position and power are all in her plans.  Unfortunately, she’s thwarted at nearly every turn. Well, ‘unfortunately’ would be Suzanna’s opinion.  You, dear reader, will likely be thinking, Thank Goodness a strong man stepped up to stop her before someone gets hurt.

All the girls are in this one folks, continuing their stories and bringing love, laughter, mystery and mayhem with them.  I hope you enjoy it and are as surprised by the outcome as I was.




Suzanna by Stevie MacFarlane

Seattle hasn’t been the same ever since dozens of women responded to a letter for a mail-order bride. In the fourth book of the popular Marriage Market series, the mail-order mayhem continues. Suzanna and Charlotte, two southern belles who couldn’t be more different, both answered the same ad seeking a husband.Raised in a world of wealth and privilege, Suzanna feels entitled and will do anything to get what she wants. Charlotte, sweet and generous, falls in love with the man Suzanna has tricked into marriage. Nothing goes as planned for either of these women, yet somehow they both get what they deserve. It’s complicated.

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