This steamy set is a compilation of all four books in Stevie’s bestselling Sugar Babies series…

A Sweet & Sassy Match

A corporate attorney, Sam made more money than he could spend. Still single, he watched quietly as his associates’ marriages crumbled. It seemed there was always another beautiful gold-digger ready to take whatever the first, second or third wife left up for grabs. He knew there were good women out there. The problem was they worked in coffee shops and school lunchrooms, as bus drivers and mechanics – hardly likely to meet a man who could provide them with security, love and guidance.

And so Sugar Babies was born. Sam resigned his position and set up a matchmaking service. While scouting out a new location for a branch office, he meets Johanna Maxwell. Jo is beautiful, hard-working and everyone’s best friend. She’s the one everyone can rely on, but the only person she doesn’t take care of is herself. Sam falls hard, but can he convince her that his business is legitimate? More to the point, can he convince her that when he pulls her over his knee, it’s out of love?

Match Me If You Dare

Marcus learned two important lessons in life: trust your gut and never hide your true nature. The first made him a best-selling author, and the second kept him single. Dragging his twin brother Ty to a match-making party was a split-second decision. ‘Perfect woman’ was an oxymoron and if such a creature existed, he wasn’t interested. If nothing else, the party might help get a certain redhead out of his head.

The ‘Luck of the Irish’ eluded Susan, and she didn’t expect that to change. Running into Sam on her bike was an accident, but her life quickly changed once she agreed to let Sugar Babies, Inc. find her a match. The suite, the clothes and room service made her pinch herself several times a day. Just weeks ago, she had considered taking up the world’s oldest profession just to survive.

Kelsey feels old, ancient at times. Somewhere along the way, all the joy has been sucked out of her. How long has it been since she slept an entire night without waking up in a panic? The last traces of her black eye had finally faded. Now if she could find a match who didn’t scare her half to death, she just might survive!

Matched for Keeps

Susan Shaughnessy was down on her luck, but all that is about to change. She just signed a contract with Sugar Babies, Inc., an exclusive matchmaking company, and for the next year she will be under the watchful eye of one Marcus McCarthy, award-winning author and Dom extraordinaire.

Kelsey Reed was shaking in her shoes as she got into the limo, but at least she had shoes. Thank goodness Ty, Kelsey’s match and Marcus’s twin brother, wasn’t as strict as Marcus. Ty is sweet and he smells good, a far cry from the last man who tried to put his hands on her. As a veterinarian, Ty is naturally gentle and caring. If he doesn’t love her, that’s okay. At least for the next year she would have a roof over her head and someone to hold her when she was scared. With her generous allowance, her days of sleeping in the back room at Fat Rusty’s Diner with a knife under her pillow are over.

The Last Match

When Erica asked John Braden to accompany her to Vegas for a wedding, it seemed like a good idea. John was mature, wealthy and harmless – at least, she thought so until he pulled her over his knee. Suddenly the mild-mannered man from Texas didn’t seem so uncomplicated. As an administrative assistant for Sugar Babies Inc., she is determined to find John the perfect match, and quickly.