It’s Memorial Day weekend and the weather’s not the only thing heating up here at Blushing Books. We just updated our online store with some new titles guaranteed to raise the temperature a few degrees higher.

There’s a new Retrospank title in the bookstore this month. As you may recall from our earlier posts, Retrospank books are reprints of books originally published in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. But don’t think “retro” means “tame.” These titles are hot, graphic and sexy as any modern work, and this month’s feature by Gloria Ziegler is no exception. ┬áThe tale of a dominatrix, Gloria, offers M/F, F/M and M/M action with lots of sizzling action.

Fans of Melinda Barron’s Spanking Club series will be thrilled to hear that a seventh book – The Five Gifts – ┬áhas been released. Barron, who write both intrigue and sex with equal aplomb weaves mystery and eroticism in her latest book. Set in 1891, The Five Gifts features six (yes, six) lusty couples.

If you prefer petulant royalty, then Susie Daniel’s Princess Jia is a fantasy sure to please. It has all the elements of those bodice-rippers that got so many of us into spanking fiction in the first place – a recalcitrant princess who balks at marriage, the stern warrior determined to tame her and the inevitable sexual tension the reader knows will eventually be relieved by their fiery union. Princess Jia is a fun read, and offers just the level of escapism to complement your three-day weekend away from work.

And finally, if you prefer your erotica free of spankings or BDSM then we’ve not forgotten you. Melissa MacNeal’s Beyond Redemption is an other-worldly romp through everyone’s favorite supernatural society – vampires. This time, sexy Billy Tripplehorn must match wits – and libidos – with a trio of sexy female sanguinarians. You’ll need a fan to relieve the heat by the time you reach the end of this book!

We hope you enjoy the new titles from Blushing Books. And we hope that you enjoy them over a long, happy and safe Memorial Day weekend! Have fun!