Kenzi was a submissive who’d never quite worked up the courage to tell any of her lovers about her fantasies. She’d never dared to explore her need to be disciplined and dominated, but all that changed when the aliens arrived. Now submissives and masochists of all kinds are a premium product that can be traded to the sadistic Sadec race in exchange for their incredibly advanced technology.

Her life will benefit the entire planet, and her sacrifice will be rewarded in numerous ways. In return, all she has to do is surrender, giving up all freedom and choice for five long years. No safewords, no escape, no changing her mind – once she signs the paperwork, she belongs to whomever buys her.

Tal never intended to keep Kenzi for himself, but once he tastes her sweet submission, he finds that he can’t let her be auctioned off to just any crew member on his ship. He’ll share her with others, whether she likes it or not, but she will belong only to him. His woman. His pet. And if he has his way, she won’t be returning to Earth at the end of five years.

Publisher’s Note: This is a dark, steamy sci-fi romance with elements of power exchange.

A note from the author

My name is Sadie Marks and for my debut I’m focusing on a novel that features power-exchange romance in a Sci-fi setting. My first book: Surrendering to Her General is my take on the Alien Master/human slave genre.  

            The seeds of this storyline came from a conversation with a friend. He said he didn’t know why aliens would even need to bother capturing humans. He felt that we’d probably just trade ourselves if what they were offering was worth it—and we discussed what might be valuable enough to cause someone to enter slavery willingly. From there the idea of a series of books in this universe sprang to life.

            If you’ve read or watched much Science Fiction you know that aliens are almost always portrayed as being far advanced in technology, and that makes sense. So, it was natural to consider what technology they might have that would make a term of indenture worth it, but there needed to be a flip side. Humans want advanced tech sure, but what would my aliens, the Sadecs, really get out of it? Why would human slaves be more interesting to them than closer and easier to acquire races?

            I don’t like unanswered questions and I don’t like to just leave things as assumed in my worlds, so the idea that they just have a thing for humans wasn’t interesting to me. Writing that humans are just better than everyone else for some obscure reason was also unsatisfying. I needed to come up with something that was unique to the planet Earth. It had to be a special reason that would draw the Sadec race across the whole galaxy because they just had to have it. Turns out… only on Earth do you find people who get turned on from pain and the aliens can’t get enough of us!

            This is a popular genre and I really hope that I’ve done it justice because I’m already working on a sequel that’s a little darker with a character who isn’t quite as willing to go along with the whole alien Master deal, at first. But for now I hope you enjoy the start of the series, and to lure you in I’m going to leave you with this little excerpt.


            “I-I thought I wanted this, but I don’t. I want to go home,” she said, lying.

He dipped his head low; his nose brushed the spot on her neck where her pulse jumped,

and he inhaled deeply. “That’s not what your body says.” He dragged his tongue across that patch

of skin, tasting her, and she was almost surprised to find it felt like a normal human tongue. “I can taste how much you want me to fuck you,” he said.

She groaned. Her knees felt weak, and for a second, she thought she might just slide to the floor. She’d been warned about their heightened senses but had somehow never really put them into context. She couldn’t even muster up the words to deny it, and even if she could, it would sound silly when the evidence was right there in front of him. And she’d been told many times during the orientation that the contract was iron-clad; the Sadecs were not human courts to be argued with and they took agreements very seriously. By continuing to argue, she could be causing herself more trouble than she wanted to deal with.

She might have tried anyway. She’d always been stubborn like that, and maybe she’d

convince him to let her go—but then what? She’d said goodbye to everyone, quit her job, packed

up her things in preparation for this. She really had nothing to go back to but an empty house, and she was so tired of being alone.

“Please,” she heard herself say. She wasn’t entirely sure what she wanted, what she was

asking for, but there was a note of pleading in her voice.

“Please what, little human girl? Please fuck you?” he asked. His voice was beautifully

captivating; every word was like a song that made her body want to dance.

Something clenched low in her body, and she groaned. “Yes, please.”

He gave her hair a sharp tug and then let her go. “Too bad you disobeyed. You’ll have to

be punished first. Maybe if you’re good, afterward, I’ll reward you,” he said with a shrug. “Or not.” The words implied he couldn’t care less, but his body had reacted to her arousal; she could

see the hard bulge of his erection inside of the tight pants he wore, but he ignored it. “Remove your clothing,” he said, and though his voice still had that harmonic lilt, there was a different tone to it now, harsher.

It was like someone had dumped ice water over her skin, and she shuddered. It wasn’t fear, or not only fear anyway. Some of it was shock, she was sure. She’d had medical examinations, pretty thorough ones, during the process, but this was the first time she’d been given an order like that. It had always been, “Please disrobe.” Or, “Step behind the curtain and put this gown on, please.” At every step, she had been treated like a willing volunteer, a client. Now she was being treated like…

A slave.

To find out more about the Sadec’s cravings and how they treat the humans who belong to them, check out my new book: Surrendering to Her General available on Amazon June 7th!