Talia Hansen has not had it easy since her marriage ended in divorce after a tragic event. She has tried tomove on with her life, finish college, and meet goals she has set for herself. But she is barely surviving.

Lucas came home a few years ago, after leaving when his young-love marriage fell apart. He is working; in fact, he owns his father’s auto repair business. That is something he swore he would never do and yet he enjoys every minute of it. But something is missing from his life.

When Lucas and Talia meet up after ten years apart, the sparks fly again. However, after only a few weeks, Lucas is trying to take over her admittedly desperate life, and Talia isn’t willing to give up her hard-earned – albeit dismal – independence.

Sometimes your knight in shining armor turns out to be a hard-handed mechanic in well-worn work boots who won’t take no for an answer. Will they find their way back to each other? Or will the past be too much to overcome?


Stormy’s Trouble (South Dakota Dreams Book 1)

by Megan McCoy

Stormy Wagner loves her life in Blizzard, South Dakota. It’s a small college town that has always been her home, where she owns a thriving pet supply store and her own house. If only she had the same success with her love life.

Life is stable, routine, and yes, maybe a little boring. Or it was, until a stalker begins to harass her, and her first love, Cade Cumberland, arrives back in town to care for his sick mother. Cade broke her heart when he left and now he seems to want to pick up where they left off a decade ago.

Can Stormy begin to trust Cade again? Can they pick up where they left off? Does she want to? Who is stalking her, and why? Since Cade has returned, the stalking has escalated – are the events connected?

Publisher’s Note: This cozy mystery contains elements of domestic discipline and sexual scenes. If either of these themes bother you, please do not purchase.