On Midros, men rule, and women are owned. 

Parin Denos promised her mother she’d never to go to Midros, but the lure of a promotion was too much. Arrested for escaping with her parents as a baby, she’s put up for auction, and her first owner displays a cruelty beyond understanding. Her future seems bleak—until his handsome son saves her life.  

Mercer Pennis is heir to a vast fortune, yet he’s never wanted to own anyone until he meets his father’s newest purchase. When he unexpectedly becomes her master, he has little patience for the untrained woman kneeling at his feet. Her only role is to serve his needs, and he demands complete obedience. Each time he punishes her, though, her submission deepens, and he begins to see her brave strength. And as deceptions are revealed all around them, he begins to question the very foundations of the society he’s always believed in.  

Can Parin find love with the man who possesses her body and soul?
Can Mercer become the Master that Parin needs?  

This third and final book in the Midrosian Chronicles is a thrilling and sensual sci-fi romance.  

Publisher’s NoteTears of Surrender contains elements of unequal power exchange, discipline, and explicit scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.