Brenda Evans lives a hectic life as a high-level state government budget analyst. Her only respite from the pressures of her job is her time with her fiancé, campaign consultant Roland Harshman.

Brenda’s former employer, a Congressman in the House of Representatives, has passed away with several months left in his term. When Brenda is summoned by the Governor, she assumes it’s to help find his replacement. She is taken by surprise to find that the Governor wants to appoint her as the new Congresswoman.

Roland is totally supportive of her accepting the position. But Brenda has only one reservation: that somehow knowledge of her love of over the knee discipline and role-play would become known to political opponents should she attempt to run for her own term in Congress.

Brenda and Roland feel protected in his home, confident that their discretion is adequate. What they do not realize is that supporters of another candidate are willing to use underhanded tactics to find something to use against her. When their personal life is invaded, Brenda must decide whether to take a bold stand for the right of privacy, or take the easy way out and relinquish her future ambitions.

Can she put aside her fears to make the best decision for herself? Is Roland strong enough to guide her through her doubts? Is their relationship strong enough to survive an attack of this nature?