Britt Berkley has just come out of a break-up, has a job that doesn’t pay well and just wants life to be a little simpler with the chance to travel. The reading of her grandmother’s will was imminent. She hoped the cash she needed to start over and live her dreams would become available. No such luck.

Her inheritance is a piece of land and house in the most northern part of the world. Covered most of the time by snow and ice. To make matters worse, she has to journey there and learn about the people and land before she can sell it.

The man she is to meet, Roar Hansen, is not to be trifled with and expects her to meet the obligations required by her grandmother before he will release the property deeds. She soon discovers that all is not as it seems, including Roar Hansen. She’s never met a man like him and the feelings that develop between them are larger than anything she could ever imagine. He also expects her obedience.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, danger, intrigue, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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“Roar!” she gasped, overwhelmed with relief. He had come to save her.

He took no notice of her, roaring at the maddened moose, his hand held up to drive it back, his arm rigid and powerful. He dragged her backwards and she stumbled with each step but he held her closely against his body. She could not take her eyes off the huge animal in front of them. The bear-man’s rolling growl threatened the beast. It stopped, snorting loudly, watching. Listening to the bear-man. Then, with a mighty, vanquished bellow, tossed its fearsome antlers, turned and melted back into the trees of the thick forest.

“Oh, thank God!” she gasped, then stuttered, “Y-You can let me go now. I-I’m okay–”

“Be quiet,” he commanded gruffly, tightening his hold.

“What?” she gasped. He was hurting her ribs and she tried to wriggle free.

Instead of answering her, he lifted her up and threw her over his shoulder.

“Put me down!” she cried, struggling to push herself up.

“You brought this on yourself, you foolish girl. Now you will face the consequences,” he said through gritted teeth.

Reaching the steps of the cabin, he bounded up them and kicked open the door. Striding in, he tipped her off his shoulder and she staggered to get her balance. Before she had time to protest, he pulled off her jacket and threw it on the floor.

“What are you doing?” she exclaimed, rounding on him, startled by his roughness. She had just been scared out of her wits by a wild moose and he was furious.

He pulled off his own jacket and threw it on top of hers. His face was thunderous.

“Come here!” he ordered, grabbing her by the wrist and dragging her behind him as he strode over to the sumptuous leather sofa in front of the glowing fire.

“What’s your problem?” she demanded. “Let me go!” She struggled against his hold on her but could not pull free.

He sat down and pulled her closer, flipping her legs from under her so she landed across his thighs, winding her.

“No! What are you doing? Let me up!” she protested, trying to free herself but one of his powerful arms held her down.

“Oh no, my girl. This is where you belong right now. Across my knee, about to get some timely guidance.” With that, he put his free hand on the waistband of her trousers and tugged them down in one swift movement. Her panties followed and her bottom was bared.

She screamed and struggled. “No! What are you going to do?”

“This little bottom of yours is going to be thoroughly spanked until it is rosy-red, until you understand about misbehaving!”

“No! You can’t do this!” she yelled, horrified that her bottom was naked.

“Oh, yes, I can. I am your guardian, remember?” He ran his free hand over her cheeks.

“You can’t spank me!

“I shouldn’t have to, but you disobeyed me and that I cannot tolerate. Especially out here. You’ve constantly pushed the boundaries and now have endangered your life. You are too precious for that and, if it means you need to be spanked to make you see that, then that is my duty.”

The thought of him gazing at her bottom was so humiliating, but there was nothing she could do. He buried his fingers in her crack and pushed apart her cheeks. His thumb rubbed over her anus, making her legs jerk. Surely he was not going to–

“Please, please! Don’t go there!” she begged. “It’s not for…”

He plunged his thumb deep into her bottom, pushing through her tight, sensitive rim. She gasped, shocked. How could he do that? Her rim burned as he twisted into her.

“No, no! You’re hurting me!” she cried, squirming on his thighs.

“I’m not hurting you, woman. I am a doctor, remember? I know exactly what I am doing,” he said tersely, pushing his thumb in and out.

She groaned, but her pleas turned to moans with the gorgeous pleasure-pain of his twisting thumb. Spasms flickered through her pussy and wetness seeped between her hot lips. Her body arched to ride her bottom on his thumb.

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