From a distrusting wife to a coworker who purposefully sabotages her work computer just so she can flirt with the I.T. tech, this collection of short stories features bratty girls who stop at nothing to try to get their way.

Watch the sparks fly with these brazen ladies and the men in their lives who have just had enough of their mischief. Funny, heartwarming, and sweet.

Publisher’s Note: Contains disciplinary scenes. If this offends you, please do not read this book.

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The Big Book of Brats is the first book in a four part series!


“Take your clothes off,” Trey commanded.

She weighed her options: do what he said, and get spanked – or, try and run past him and prolong the fight….

“Suzannah, I said take your clothes off. Or I’ll rip them off.”

A tremor went through her and she ran for the door. She made it to the landing at the top of the stairs before Trey caught up and grabbed her around the waist. He hefted her up against his side and carried her, kicking and screaming, back to their room. He dumped her with a bounce on the bed, then sat next to her. Before she had a chance to run again, he grabbed a wrist and pulled her face down over his lap.

The tight skirt of her dress was yanked to her waist and Suzannah’s slim legs encased in black hose were exposed. Her pert little behind, framed by her garter belt, was encased in lacy black panties. Despite the token struggle she was putting up even now, Trey noted that his little wife had worn her panties over her garter belt tonight, making it easier for him to pull the lacy underpants down, which he now did. The little vixen had planned this all along.

Suzannah’s bottom was creamy white, a sharp contrast to the black garter belt and hose. Trey was rock hard beneath her, aroused as always by this beautiful puzzle of a woman and all the games she liked to play.

After admiring her backside a few moments, Trey let his hand glide over her smooth skin, circling first one cheek, then the other. Suzannah jumped at first, obviously expecting a smack, not a caress. Trey traced the line of one leg, rolling her hose down and off her dainty foot, then came back up to repeat the process with the other. He returned to cup her bottom, massaging it with a tender touch and eliciting a groan from his wife, He continued the stroking a while, just long enough to give her a false sense of security, then:


About the Author:
Jodi Bella lives in a small suburban town near Philadelphia PA with her very spoiled rescue cat, Shadow. Newly single, she hopes to find a man to be with for the rest of her days, one who is  similar to the heros in her books, who will provide lots of inspiration for future stories.

A self-professed book junkie, Jodi reads from all genres at a rapid rate. It was during her elementary school years that she first started writing her own stories– and even a few of those contained spanking elements. Later, as an adult using the Internet, she found an audience for her work and has continued to write ever since then.

In her free time, besides reading, you can find Jodi at many concerts, baking cookies in her kitchen, browsing antique or craft fairs, or snuggling on the sofa with her cat watching tv or a movie.

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