Sophie Flynn has never shirked from a challenge. But trying to survive in London as a penniless widow is beyond even her abilities. She is offered a way out from an unexpected source, but is the price of her rescue one Sophie is willing to pay?
Crispin Sinclair, the Duke of Cheverell, was born to rule. His servants, his estates, and even his emotions are all under perfect control. Until Crispin plucks Sophie from a brothel and sets her up in his nursery to be his little girl. He will make the rules, and she will obey him.
But Sophie was born to flaunt convention and defy authority. When the irresistible Sophie meets the immoveable Duke of Cheverell, it’s impossible to predict who will finally emerge as the winner – and whose heart will be lost.
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Wrongs Made Right by Thianna D.

Corbin’s Bend is perfect for Marilyn and Lizzy Mayfield. They’re surrounded by friends and peace. Except for when Calbert Jolly comes around. From the moment they met, Lizzy and Calbert had fought with one another. Usually able to get along with anyone, no matter how contrary, Calbert is a thorn in Lizzy’s side.
When she’s asked to manage a committee Calbert’s in charge of, sparks fly. It’s up to her wife Marilyn and his wife Jenna to bring the two together. One dinner. Two intense adversaries. By the end of the night, they will either be on working terms, or have killed one another.
When all’s said and done, sometimes wrongs can turn out all right on their own, and sometimes they have to be righted.
Corbin’s Bend Vignettes are shorter stories, chronicling the lives of secondary characters we don’t see as much of.
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