A stern viscount who knows what he wants and takes it – even if it means defying his father’s wishes.

When Quinn falls in love with a young woman from Houston, his father objects strongly to the match. After Quinn’s brought her home to Scotland, Mandy quickly becomes friends with his mischievous sister, Maisie, and discovers an Old World viscount who believes in discipline.

This collection contains three full-length steamy contemporary romances.


“You’re late, flyboy.  What kept you?”

They made love then, two passionate people who were deeply in love and whose emotions had been stretched taut only hours earlier.  Maisie didn’t much like to admit fear, but she’d been afraid until Michael had come and found her.  She’d come to think of him as her rock of safety, and, although she’d never admit it to him, she knew she’d deserved the spanking.  She didn’t fully understand it, but somehow it made her feel more secure knowing he was watching out for things, pulling her back and even spanking when he thought she’d gone too far.  Feeling him now, his strong arms around her and his body joined to hers, she experienced a sense of complete fulfillment.

For Michael, knowing how close Maisie had come to serious injury drove him to make love to her with unusual intensity.  They’d both dodged a bullet that day, and, as he held her soft body against his hard and conditioned one, he promised himself that he would find a way to keep his free-spirited wife out of harm’s way without dampening those spirits he loved.  It was a necessary mission, and, as always, he would complete it.