Elena and Hugh Isarnon’s marriage didn’t begin under the best of circumstances, their relationship was tumultuous at best. Several years have passed and they are now enjoying a happy married life together. Elena is pregnant with their first child after ten long years of waiting. She never thought she would be this happy and her love for her husband continues to grow.

Her chance at happiness may be in danger when Danish raiders start attacking cities along England’s coastline, and it looks like the city she and Hugh call home might be next. Elena must support her husband as best she can while he searches for a way to protect the home they love, and try to keep her tiny family together by any means necessary.

This is book three in the Iron Hand’s Bride series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This historical romance contains elements of danger, sensual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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When he reached for her, Elena didn’t resist him—she supposed a part of her thought about it, contemplating resisting his advances until he fulfilled her demands and answered all of her questions, but a much, much larger part of her wanted something that couldn’t be summed into words. She wanted to feel his flesh in her hands, to rake her nails over him until he bled; she wanted to feel him thicken in her mouth, to drink down every drop of sweet and salty nectar until she swelled with it. The touch of his flesh to hers was so hot Elena was sure there’d be scorch marks left behind. Such a tension was in him, every muscle gone taut, like a sprinter ready to break into a run at any moment. The touch of his hands on her arms was just short of painful, such pressure that made it feel like he might break her if he wasn’t cautiously, deliberately careful… but he was also a man who’d returned home after almost half a year, and if his desire was anywhere near as strong as hers, Elena wondered how he was controlling himself at all.

Her wet hair clung to her back and around her shoulders, distracting her for a moment, but then his mouth pressed to hers and that distraction was forgotten. His teeth pressed tight around her lower lip, making her whimper into his mouth. He moved his hands down her back, into the water, cupping tight around both halves of her ass. The power in his fingers was delicious, and she wondered how many bruises he’d leave her with when the night was done.

They were of one mind together. He lifted her up while she reached down between them, finding his shaft already hard and ready; it throbbed in her fingers, twitching with violent and evident need. A moment passed between them as she looked down into his eyes, seeing how much he needed this—needed her—and holding back any longer might even cause him physical pain. Or maybe that was her need, reflected back at her in his eyes. Elena slid the swollen head into place and pushed down as hard as she dared. She pressed her mouth to the side of his neck to muffle her long, low cry of pleasure as they became one flesh again, fulfilling the desire she’d been unable to satisfy for far, far too long.

Water sloshed and splashed around them while she rode him, savoring the feel of his cock inside of her, touching places she could never reach on her own. With one hand, she held onto his shoulder, digging her fingernails into his flesh to keep herself upright, while the other pressed tight to her belly, stretching her fingers down until she found her clit and started swirling it around, flicking the sensitive nub from side to side in the motion she knew would bring her to a quick end. The span of a few, lonely months seemed like it had lasted a lifetime, and neither she nor her lover wanted anything but quick, immediate relief.

Whether seconds or minutes long, the ride was arduous and physically taxing, but it was just as sweet as any prolonged, hour-long session of lovemaking could’ve been. Hugh rolled his head back and started to moan aloud, closing his mouth at the last possible second to keep the noise to a minimum, but he was already spent. The feeling of his cock swelling, pulsing, throbbing inside of her was intoxicating, just like always, and the sensation of him bursting within her swollen walls finally broke her just the way she wanted. Elena pushed down hard, grinding her aching bud against him, bone to bone, flesh against flesh; his bristling curls scratched against her mound with such exquisite pain it made her shiver.

Hugh wrapped his arms around her and crushed Elena to his chest. It wasn’t a completely unpleasant sensation, but she did strain to breathe for just a second before he eased the pressure somewhat. “I missed you,” he said.

“And I you,” she answered, resting her head on his shoulder.

For several minutes, they floated there in the water, quiet and content, joined in flesh and spirit together. She hated the thought of breaking that bond, so Elena closed her eyes and remained still. He seemed to need her there, needing to know she was real. Hugh would occasionally press kisses to the crown of her head, as was his way, and Elena wouldn’t have asked him to stop for the whole world.