You won’t believe how excited I am to announce the release of Born to be Broken, Alpha’s Claim Book 2! Writing this trilogy was an absolute pleasure for me, being able to share it with you is even more of a thrill. Nature vs. nurture, the blurred reality of good and bad, and the draw of forbidden pleasure will challenge you to consider just what the price of redemption must be.
There is no easy answer under Thólos Dome.
By the end of book 1 Shepherd stands irredeemable, evil through and through; book 2 is his journey through the minefield of his greatest flaws. And what of Claire? Her metamorphosis is brutal, the Omega finding herself capable of actions no “good woman” would take.
Time is running out for all of them unless they can come to understand each other – unless Shepherd can learn what it means to express love.
Born To Be Broken is available for just $2.99 for this weekend only, so get your copy now! The suspense, the lust, the dark deeds of a truly wicked alpha are all waiting for you.
Thank you all for the time you’ve spent with this series. I hope you enjoy reading my Omegaverse trilogy as much as I enjoyed writing it.
Book 3 coming this summer!
Addison Cain
Born to be Broken by Addison Cain

Claire has a score to settle.
Unwilling mate to the brute who viciously conquered her city, she has fled her Alpha. Hardened by betrayal, cold as the ice outside the Dome no matter how warm her savior’s embrace might be, Claire becomes the mission. The Omegas must be freed, no matter the cost.
The price on her head will not deter her; after all, she knows her life retains no value. She can’t eat, she can’t sleep, and she’s running out of time before the inevitable end.
She’d rather die than return to her captor.
For once, Shepherd finds himself facing an adversary he cannot simply crush, and a situation far out of his depth. Desperate to draw his mate back, racked and restless, he is forced to acknowledge that his pregnant Omega is willing to sacrifice her life for her false notion of a greater good.
He holds the key to her compliance and his dying mate’s survival – all he must do is give her exactly what she wants.
The Omega must be rejoined with him, because he loves her… though he knows she’ll never love him back.
Born to be Broken is the second book in Addison Cain’s bestselling Alpha’s Claim trilogy, an unabashedly dark tale with the explicit sexual themes and complete power exchange.  If you enjoy gritty fiction and suspense that sticks long after you’ve finished reading, this series is not to be missed.
New & on sale for $2.99 this weekend only (regular price will be $4.99 on Monday, June 6th).  Will be available on other sites (Blushing Books, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, & ARE) on Monday.  
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