A police officer. A Mafia leader. Perfect couple, right?

Handsome, ruthless Azeri Mafia leader, Tural Hasanov is charged with protecting the estranged daughter of London gangland boss, Lennox Mason. Lennox is dying and wants his reluctant daughter to take over leadership of the family and prevent her cousin Spencer Harding from doing so. His plan is for Tural to lead with Bianca as more of a figure head. Tural will bring in his own business and will also tighten the long-standing friendship and important business connection with Tural’s Italian father’s family, the Dragos. But Bianca Mason is a police officer and has other ideas. She won’t be ruled so easily.

When Tural catches up with her in Venice and takes over her life, she is determined to resist the passionate attraction between them and continue to work to put a stop to a sex trafficking operation. When she puts her life in peril to do so and fails to appreciate the danger from Spencer who will stop at nothing to control and possess her and the other Mafia heads wanting to take her inherited power, Tural fully exerts his dominance to guide her in to submission and the safety of his arms. Her career in the police force is over and her place is by his side. Believing the arrangement to be business only, Tural is surprised when he finds himself falling for the feisty officer who disrespects his authority and tests his patience to the breaking point. Will he be able to tame her before she gets herself killed and the underworld erupts?

This is book four in the Masterful series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary Mafia romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, action, adventure, danger, sensual scenes, medical play, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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He could do whatever he wished to her and she would have to bear it. Holding her hands together, he slipped his free hand around her throat careful not to exert any pressure on the front but enough to make it tight underneath her chin forcing her head to tilt back and up so he could have her full attention. He stared into those haunted emerald eyes and kept his own steady to convey his resolve to take her and claim her as his prize from the hunt. He was looking for fear and to his satisfaction he did find a small amount but it was not disabling or hysterical. But what accompanied it intrigued him the most. She was beckoning him forward. She wanted him to tame her to push past the anger and fear she felt and carry her out of the prison she’d trapped herself in kicking and screaming into the safety of his arms. The woman was definitely a natural submissive whether she liked it or not. There was excitement in her eyes that he had her trapped beneath him. The fear he saw in her eyes was not just for being at the mercy of him as a man and his overpowering strength but of her desire to enjoy it.

Tural removed his hand from her own above her head and reached down to unbutton his jodhpurs and pull out his long cock determined to thrust every inch of it up inside her to the hilt leaving her in no doubt he now owned her, body and soul. The woman whimpered but did not make any protest as its hard length pulsed and pointed towards her wet body. He lowered his body noticing she involuntarily parted her legs wider beneath her and tilted her pelvis beckoning his invasion.

Tural opened her pussy wide with one hand revealing the pinkness beneath and the small bud resting there. Relief flooded his body, she hadn’t been abused. She wasn’t just wet from the water but he could see her slick juice coating her vulva. Without touching and caressing he nudged the tip of his cock just inside her entrance and leant back over her to see her eyes. With the grip on her throat he tilted her head back painfully and stared down as he gave one powerful thrust of his hips embedding himself inside her as deep as he could go. With a primal cry her body arched upwards against him, speared, her soft lips closing around him as she was made to take his full length. He held her hands above her head once more and drove hard inside her body conquering his prey.

Tural pumped his cock, fucking her hard making sure she keenly felt each deep thrust and the pleasure it brought until she screamed with each one claiming her as his, trying to calm the fear he’d felt for her since she had been taken from him. All the time he stared down into her eyes watching her confused pleasure dance across her eyes. Not once did he speak to her. The act between them was feral. His dominance did not need words. He felt the slippery muscles in her channel tighten around him signalling her need for release. Normally he would ease off, teasing and torturing her to distraction, making her wait for his permission to come but not today. Today he would relent too eager to feel her forced surrender melt around him.

Moving his pelvis harder, enthralled by her screaming and the way she tried to toss her head from side to side within the tight grip he maintained on her throat, he drove his cock more firmly over her G-spot and she was suddenly coming. Her forced orgasm erupting on his terms. The warm softness cushioning his long length was enough to spark his own climax making him growl and grunt along with her screams, pants and howls as their union blew his mind with its intensity, the rain whipping at his face and lashing her naked body beneath him while thunder cracked overhead. Her body claimed.

He cupped her face and kissed her furiously, releasing her arms, surprised when she placed them around his back and held on for dear life kissing him back with fervour. Her naked wet body was beginning to shake. He sank his own down on top to keep her warm pausing to stare into her eyes. He’d never felt such passion for a woman before but Bianca was bringing him to his knees.