Bree Phillips has spent her life trying to be something she’s not. As a Dallas debutant, Bree has enjoyed a life of high society and ease, yet she feels there must be something more to living. Bree takes a trip to one of her father’s resorts near Denver, and finds she is tired of everything including the socialite lifestyle and her father’s increasing demands on her time. After wandering away from a hotel excursion, Bree finds herself at the mercy of nature when a handsome mountain man decides to save her.

Newt Meyers has had a career as a Park Ranger and Game Warden and knows how to live off the land. When he receives an inheritance, he decides to retire and go off the grid in the Colorado Rockies. He likes living alone, prefers it actually. So when he rescues an obviously ill-prepared hiker, he plans to return her to where she belongs.

But as he spends more time with her, he discovers there is more to the young woman than he originally thought. He offers to teach her how to live in nature and feelings grow between them. When her father comes to pick her up and take her back to Dallas, will Bree go back with him? Or decide to live off the grid with him?

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of danger, adventure, sensual scenes, and power exchange.

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Bree yelped with delight. He had her body so awakened she felt she would fall over the edge in no time. He was following the lines of her ear with his tongue, and Bree moaned deeply as she arched her back, pressing her backside into him. She flinched in surprise at first but then in wanting when he slipped his hand over her pelvis and pressed his hand firmly between her legs. She knew he could feel her yearning for him. He pressed his pulsing member against her. She rolled over to face him. “Let me see you.”

Newt pulled her close and playfully touched the end of her nose with his finger. “You have to ask permission, my sweet, and not tell me what to do. I know what is best for you, so let me decide what you need.”

“Please, Sir, may I look at you?”

“Of course, my darling.” Newt released her and enjoyed her appreciative expression when she saw all of him. Bending down, he captured her lips, kissing her deeply and pressed her legs open. He moved his hand between them and pressed it against her firmly. Newt gazed upon her beautiful face and deep brown eyes that beamed with admiration and desire for him. “You are such a lovely pet,” he said. She dropped her gaze demurely and then reached up to pull him closer. “Now tell me what you want from me.”

“Oh, please, Sir.” The anticipation of him entering her was becoming unbearable. His turgid member lay between them. She could feel it hot and throbbing and wanted nothing more than to have him inside her.

“Please what?” he asked with a wicked grin, teasing her.

“You inside me. Please, may I have you inside me?”

Newt gave no answer before he granted her wish. Instead, he gently and deliberately pressed himself into her velvet folds and her pleasurable tightness. He struggled to put aside his excitement and wanted to be certain she was completely satisfied. He moved within her and instantaneously felt her muscles pulsing around him before he gave himself over to the wonder of her. Her panting become heavier until she whimpered sweet cries in her climax, and he, too, was swept away by the power of her experience. They met in their shared ecstasy.

Their passion subsided but they refused to move apart and lay together connected physically, spiritually, and emotionally, basking in the afterglow of desire and the warmth of the new day’s sunshine.