Zac Blakeney has a dark past, with blood on his hands. He’s a pirate captain willing to do anything for revenge, even board an English merchant ship to kidnap his enemy’s daughter. 

Except Charlotte Huntington is not what she seems. Forbidden fruit becomes undeniably tempting. 

Charlotte has only ever known violence at the hands of men. Now, sold into marriage, she is on her way to India when her ship is stopped by pirates. The captain is as handsome as he is intimidating. Charlotte soon receives discipline under his firm hand. Yet, she soon realizes this man holds the key to her heart along with her freedom.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance includes elements of power exchange.

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She shivered in fear, and something else she’d rather not admit to, at the
sound of that voice. It was the handsome smuggler from last night – the
leader. Although Elizabeth was scared of what he might do with her for
meddling, she hoped that she could reason with him, especially if she let
him know who her aunt was. However, all coherent thought stopped as he ran
a hand over her body.

“I’d better check you for weapons.” It was whispered into her ear and she
gasped as her nipples tightened in response to him. His hand ran quickly
over her chest, briefly squeezing her full breasts through her gown and she
was almost disappointed that it didn’t linger. Instead it moved quickly
down, over her stomach and then back up over each of her arms.

“Do I need to check under your skirts, girl? Do you have a weapon strapped
to a shapely leg perhaps?”