Three spicy pirate romances featuring: A Pirate’s Treasure, A Pirate’s Stowaway, and The Captain’s Lady.

A Pirate’s Treasure – Facing ruination and unable to pay his gambling debts, Juliette Colbourne’s father agrees to give her hand in marriage to Lord William Van de Sarr a wealthy shipping magnate from America to clear his liability. A man Juliette has yet to meet.

A Pirate’s Stowaway – When Juliette uncovers a note inferring dealings between her husband and the notorious Captain Bill Corbin; the pirate who took her captive aboard the Avarice, she is determined to find out their connection.

The Captain’s Lady – When feisty Geraldine Van de Sarr meets Lord Jonathan Forbes, sparks fly. Captain on one of her brother William’s ships, he is used to giving orders and having them obeyed, something the wayward Geraldine finds hard to comply with.

Publishers Note: These previously published books are now available in one complete collection. These books contain elements of power exchange.

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