Ria: a Southern girl from Raleigh who studied design in Philadelphia and stayed in New Jersey to work. Now she’s thinking maybe it’s time to move back home.

Andrew: a Scottish architect who came to America for a few years with his parents when he was young and then stayed when tragedy struck. Maybe the time has come to return to his roots.

Ria, a free spirit, and Andrew, a disciplined Scotsman. What happens when they meet and realize they’ve unexpectedly found that elusive ‘other’ they’ve each been wishing for?

Publisher’s Note: Enjoy this sweet romantic short story which is just the beginning of a journey into a blissful life of domestic discipline for this feisty Southern girl and the dominant Scottish man of her dreams.

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Finally, he put his thumbs under the band of her panties and slowly slipped them down, again very deliberately, over the small curve of her hips and down her smooth legs, guiding them all the way to the floor, where he told her to step out. Then he studied her new nakedness before leaning forward and planting a small kiss on her most private part, causing her to moan slightly.  She felt as if she were in an X-rated move on a hazy screen, with every fiber in her body screaming to be with this man.


About the Author

Laura has been creating stories for as long as she can remember and last year decided to write publicly.  Having spent some of her childhood and then much of her married life living abroad, she has no true home and considers herself a global nomad. She now lives with her retired husband and their two Siamese cats in Mexico.

Laura’s had a lifelong interest in classical music, travel, and languages, and she’s a sucker for a tender animal story.

She loves writing about alpha (gentle)men and the ladies in their lives.