Gillian Morgan’s world has been completely turned upside down since meeting John and Patrick.   She plans to leave them both after the party, even if her heart says otherwise.

John Kenric has never met a woman like Gillian and is falling hard. Now that Gillian is giving him her body, can he convince her to give him her heart and soul?

Patrick O’Malley plans to enjoy Gillian’s body and never see the sharp-tongued harpy again, but can he convince John to do the same?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy ménage romance contains a theme of power exchange.


Patrick felt his dick punch the zipper of his pants as his eyes took in her voluptuous form. He had felt the woman approaching the room even before she had opened the door. The moment he had seen her, he had felt himself being drawn to her like a moth to a flame. Gillian was sexy, stunning, sinful, and Patrick wanted to feel every inch of her luscious body against his. He felt guilty for the things he had said to her earlier, but he could not explain the raw emotions he had felt when the American had gently touched his injured hand. Only his mother had ever caressed him that way, as a child. The woman had caused such an uproar in Patrick emotionally that he had run from her when all he really wanted to do was fuck her on the table. He didn’t like the feelings Gillian elicited in him, and he would be damned if he let a woman make a fool out of him or his brother, John. What made Patrick even angrier was that he had left Gillian and called a mistress to get the monkey off his back but had called it off before she had even arrived. Maybe if he just slept with Gillian, Patrick could get her out of his system. Tonight, would be his test.

“You look rather delicious tonight.” Patrick smiled as he licked his lips. “I’m surprised Johnny let you out of the house dressed like that. Then again, I’m glad he did. It would be so easy for me to raise your dress up and fuck that pretty pussy.”

“You won’t be fucking anything, Patrick, especially after the way you treated me earlier today,” Gillian replied coolly, looking directly into his eyes.  “I’m no man’s whore, and that includes you.”

Patrick dryly laughed as he towered over her. Just because the Irishman could, he knotted her long, ebony hair in his injured hand and jerked her head back. His lips hovered above hers as he huskily said, “You’ll be whatever I want you to be, Gillian, and right now, I want your legs wrapped around me.”