Broken. Terrified. Scarred. Eunji Kim is hiding behind a sassy and sarcastic demeanor.

Enter Vittorio Picone, her rescuer and prisoner. He won’t let her go, and she just wants to leave, start her life over again, while burying the memories of the horrors she has faced.

As the sparks between the two lead to a passion hotter than a hit gone wrong, a new threat to Eunji’s life comes out of the darkness. Can Vito rescue her one more time, or will he lose her to the chaos that surrounds being involved with the mafiosa lifestyle?

Publisher’s Note: This graphic mafia romance contains violence and a theme of power exchange.

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He whirled us around and backed into the bed then plunked me down hard onto his lap. I gasped, already knowing what was coming. He pulled off my pants and underwear and started right in. It was then I found out that he had been holding back all this time. He didn’t need a paddle; he could hit just as hard, just as strong without it. Barely any time flew past, before I started kicking my legs, trying to help with the pain. But it didn’t help. It would never help. Vito was punishing me, and he wasn’t being gentle about it.

“I won’t go easy on you, little lotus,” he said forcefully. His teeth gritted as if he were the one in pain. Vito brought his leg over mine, trapping me completely and pinning me down so I was at his mercy.

I tried in vain to wiggle out of his grasp. An eternity flew by in the blink of a crying eye and Vito finally stopped. I hadn’t said I was sorry yet, so my body tightened up, on edge for what he could have in store for me next. Whatever it was, it didn’t bode well for my bare bottom which was already red and stinging. Vito stood me up. I wobbled on my feet and he steadied me.

“Bend over, spread your legs, and touch the floor,” he demanded.

I didn’t even try to argue. There was something different about him and I was worried that he could hurt me if I didn’t do exactly as he told me. There was just a slight air of violence surrounding him. I had barely grazed the floor with my fingertips when I felt the bite the paddle. I hadn’t seen Vito bring any supplies with him, so it was a shock to feel it.

My first instinct was to move forward, as far away from the paddle as I could because I was already sore. I restrained myself. Vito didn’t tell me to stay completely still so I had some leeway in moving, but I didn’t want to push him over the edge. I think on some level, I knew he was over my disobedience, and if I didn’t heel, he might very well get rid of me. There was no counting, just the hard swats and both of our labored breaths.

Then Vito started talking. “Let’s discuss you walking into my office without knocking first, shall we, little lotus?”

“Yes,” I gasped between swats.

Vito paused mid strike. “What do you call me?” He swatted me three times in quick succession.

“Sir,” I cried. “Yes, Sir.” I was sobbing. My tears rolled up into my hair along with snot. My legs were shaking. I was clawing at the carpeting on the floor and my ass was on fire. This was worse than the first paddling and way worse than the ginger root. I’d rather be kept on edge all night than go through this pain.

“Are you going to knock from now on?” Vito kept swatting.

“Yes,” I cried harder.