The Sky Singer by Brandy Golden


When her father’s heart gives out due to accusations of diamond smuggling and the degeneration of his air┬ácargo service in the Outback, his daughter Sydney inherits the business. She is determined to avenge her father and locate the missing diamonds, all while taking care of her younger sister, Cassie. Nothing will stand in her way, and what Sydney wants, she usually gets. Little does she know, her father made arrangements behind her back to make sure she obeys his last request to sell Camaroo Air Cargo, in order to give her and Cassie a new start in life.

American photographer, Ryan Ramsey, agrees to his father’s request to help him honor Sydney’s father’s last wishes, by going to Australia to see that Sydney obeys what her father wanted.

Unfortunately, obey is not a word in Sydney’s vocabulary. Sparks fly in this contemporary romance where obstinate meets implacable, as Ryan insists that Sydney will comply with her father’s request, even if he has to discipline her to do it!

Publisher’s Note: A sweet romantic suspense story with mild love scenes and the discipline of stubborn women. If this type of reading material offends you, please do not purchase.