Donna is about to marry Eric, with whom she has enjoyed their exploration of bondage, but she longs to switch roles. Can she bring out the dominant in him without driving him away? And who can stop the city’s increasing number of Peeping Tom incidents? This second book in the “Dear Editor” series focuses on Donna and Eric but also looks into the relationships of Eric’s ex-girlfriend Jessica and her husband Worth, as well as Jessica’s mother and her new groom.

Publisher’s Note: Contains steamy scenes as well as a theme of power exchange.

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Eric sat on the bed and pulled her across his lap. “I can hold you as strongly as restraints,” he said, pinning her naked legs with one of his, a vise grip on both her hands above her head with his left hand. “You have been bad, Donna.” Whack. “You wanted more, but you didn’t tell me.” Whack. “You needed more, but you didn’t speak up.” Whack.

On and on, the spanking continued, each blow landing a little harder than the one previous as the music swelled. Just when she wondered if this was all that was going to happen here—this punishment—he stopped. Pulling her to her feet, Eric backed her against the closed door.

“I know what you want. I know what you’ve wanted from our first night in here. You told me, but I wasn’t listening.” Eric pinned her shoulder to the door with one hand, as he unzipped his pants with the other. When he took his hand away from her shoulder, his weight against her body still trapped her. He fumbled below his waist, releasing his erection to press against her. A wave of desire shivered through her as his heat almost burned her skin.

“Are you ready for me?” he murmured.

Donna’s affirmative came out part-moan, part-squeak. The music was building and building, mirrored by their increasingly heavy breaths. Eric threw her to the bed, face down, her legs dangling over the side. Entering her as he pulled her torso off the bed, he thrust slowly and deeply. She felt like a doll in his hands, powerless to move, helpless to change position so that she might benefit from his movements.