Desperate to save her home and the memories inside…

After the loss of her husband, Arden has struggled to make ends meet.

When an opportunity presents itself, she gets involved with Loch Frazier, a filthy rich software genius extraordinaire. A man who doesn’t believe in the kind of love Arden had spent her entire life surrounded by.

With a way out of her money woes, will she be able to let go of her beloved in order to sleep with a man whose sole interest in her has nothing to do with love?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance includes elements of power exchange.




Loch stood, putting his hands into his pockets as he looked down at her. “I’ll give you that hundred thousand for a weekend with you. No other repayment expected of any kind, except that you would submit yourself to me completely during that timeframe, which would be of my choosing, since I’m not an artiste with a flexible schedule. And I’m afraid, my dear, that would be the only kind of arrangement I would be interested in making with you. I have no interest in being your private bank. I don’t want money from you. No, I want something I think is much more rarified, much more valuable to me. I want your complete and total submission, so that I can show you that you needn’t spend the rest of your life as a nun because your beloved husband has died. I want to force you to recognize the fact that you can be brought to excruciating heights by a man who doesn’t know you very well or love you in the least and who will never make love to you, but that you can be fucked so hard you forget your name by that very same man.” 

Arden opened her suddenly parched mouth, but nothing came out. She couldn’t seem to wrench herself away from him, as if she was completely mesmerized by what he was saying. She should have been running away from him, running down the hallway and down the stairs and back to the relative safety of her car. 

But she felt as if her feet were rooted where they were, even as she stared down at them. 

Loch took a step towards her, watching her carefully, gauging her reactions as he took another step, so that she was now easily within reach of his long arms, surprised that she hadn’t backed away from him, but not willing to question his good fortune. 

“Don’t answer just yet, Arden,” he whispered, so softly she felt compelled to look up at him. That was when he reached out and tugged her into his arms, enjoying her slight, ladylike, “oof,” holding her against his hard, muscular body, plastering her blatantly against him and tipping her entire body just slightly towards him, so that she was off balance and had to lean on him to keep from falling forward. 

His fingers delved forcefully into that carefully coifed bun, pulling out the pins that held it in subjugation and letting her wavy tresses fall over his hand while he tilted her head back and kissed her in a way that was at once almost tender—but not quite—and almost ruthless—but not quite but that very definitely demanded a response from her. 

One that she found utterly impossible to deny him. 

Her mouth opened as if it always had and always would when his lips slanted across hers, and he took what she was offering without the slightest bit of hesitation, accepting her slight submission as his due and demanding more, bending her to him in every sense of the word as he claimed the deepest recesses of her mouth, plundering and possessing until—a long while later—he finally lifted his head.