If you’re an avid bibliophile like me,  then you enjoy learning about all the cutting edge developments in the publishing industry. But even if you’re just an avid reader, then one of the latest marketing tools – book trailers – may have already caught your attention.

Book trailers are like movie trailers, only for books.  And because we can’t ignore a good opportunity to tease, it should not surprise readers that Blushing Books is now producing trailers for our own titles. At the top of the page is our debut trailer for Nattie Jones’ title Plain Passion.

We hope our readers will enjoy the trailers, and we also look forward to offering our book trailer services to writers who publish with Blushing Books.

Of course, we’re also curious about whether our readers will be as excited about book trailers as we are, so we’re asking you to weigh in with your opinion on this type of marketing.  Does the trailer for Plain Passion make you want to read the book? Or should trailers be saved for the theaters?

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