A spoiled little rich girl who has been in trouble with the law and a chief inspector…

Lady Belinda Waltham has everything money can buy. She is wilful and stubborn, and everyone knows her as the scandalous Waltham girl. She is pretty and commands every man she has ever met. Until she meets him, Chief Inspector Elan Wendell, “sir” to her. He is her arresting officer, the one who blighted her life, and she has no qualms in letting him know that, until he warns her he will not stand for her insults.

Elan is strong and commanding, and he is there to enforce the law. Even the wilful socialite must abide by it. It is his way. He is gorgeous, though, and deep down she craves his attention. It’s a battle of wills as sparks fly. His colleagues have warned him about the headstrong aristocrat. His inner voice tells him to stay away. She is trouble, in more way than one.

When she meets him at a party after so long, she feels remorseful about being rude to him again. Belinda means to change her behaviour. She wishes to apologise, but he seems bent on ignoring her. She won’t allow him to ignore her! So, she concocts a plan! It goes wrong! It plunges her into deep trouble with him, but the sensual attraction is too strong. He should have known better than to get entangled with the scandalous Waltham girl. But he can’t resist her, and against his better judgment, he falls for the young woman. But when a man from the past threatens to destroy Belinda’s family, her world is in danger. Her family and her life are in peril. Can she fight back? Can Elan save his girl?

Publisher’s Note: This is book two in the Siblings series but can be read as a standalone. Full of action and adventure, the story contains a theme of power exchange.

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She gave out a cry. “Elan…” she murmured, not sure of what his intentions were with her in that position. She felt exposed to him, so very naked. Before she had time to think, he spanked her bottom.

At first, it was a couple of playful smacks. Then the pace and firmness of his hand increased on her buttocks. It made the sting soar. She struggled to push him off.

“Stand still!” He fisted her hair harder.

She couldn’t move. A hard smack on her glorious buttocks resonated in the room. “What are you doing? It hurts!”

“It’s supposed to hurt, sweetheart.” He let her hair go and grabbed her arm, dragging her to the settee. He sat and hauled her over his knees.

She screamed. She knew now she was in trouble. Her pitch was high, between surprise and excitement. He slapped her bottom. “Stop, please!”

“This is the second time, kitten, that you have misbehaved. This won’t do! Do you understand?” Two hard wallops bounced on her backside.

“I’m sorry!”

“What you did in Rome was dangerous and foolish. It is unbelievable. Never do that again. Is that clear?” He whacked her bottom as he spoke. “Understood? Answer me!”

“Yes, yes, please…” she pleaded.

“Yes, what?” He smacked her butt. “Tell me!”

“Yes, sir?”


He imprinted his palm over her buttocks until not an inch of her peachy, creamy skin was left in sight. All he could see was the red shape of his hand on her derrière. This pleased him immensely.

The sting was so unbearable, her eyes were flowing with tears.

“Promise me?”

“Yes, I promise,” she whimpered.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir!” she cried out.