Sage is about to unknowingly marry an experienced Dominant.  

She has no knowledge of love, marriage, or motherhood. At just twenty-five, her future as an old maid is set. That is, until she learns an arrangement has been made for her hand in marriage. 

In every bargain, there is an exchange: Sage will have a husband, but in return must provide her new family with grandchildren. Innocent in the ways of intimacy, she will have to set her insecurities aside to learn how to please her husband.  Can she be the submissive wife he has been searching for?  

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical love story includes elements of power exchange.   


Author Interview

What do you love most about books?   I love the smell of books! The feel of them.  I love a book’s ability to transport me absolutely anywhere and make all things possible. I have heard many people comment on the way books smell…turns out it has been proven that trees contain an aroma therapy oil that when pressed, as in making paper, the aroma is released and triggers in the human brain receptors that stimulate our hunger for knowledge and learning.


What is your favorite novel?     Hands down, my favorite novel is Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (& all novels written in that particular series). After years of having to set aside my writing, Outlander revived the desire in me to create worlds with words, to take readers on an adventure. Basically, I love Outlander because it is directly responsible for where I am today. (Is there any way Diana Gabaldon might see this? Squeeeee!)


Libraries or bookstores?     Libraries, definitely! I am actually planning a ‘library tour’ with my sweetheart in the near future. Our first date was in a library, not kidding! Libraries house the greatest adventures we have ever known.


If you could travel to any time, what time period would you like to explore?    I love the 1600’s…and the 1700’s, but mainly for the fashion of the 1700’s. There was so much of our world still left to explore. A person could live their lives completely on their own terms without tyrannical rules or governments. (ie; the New World). Romance was still pure and alive. Men tried harder to woo a woman. With so much less stress and more privacy, I imagine sex was so much more meaningful and juicy!


What genres do you write in?     I tend to write historical romance, science fiction, and fantasy. Occasionally, though, I come up with a futuristic erotic fantasy; which, after I finish the sequel to The Walker Girl, is my next project for Blushing Books.


Do you like to outline or just dive right in when writing?     I don’t outline. I’ve learned the hard way my characters never allow me to stick to the outline anyway. I think of a story with a vague idea where I want it to go, then I start writing the scenes I think of, then I stitch the scenes together to create the entire story.


What was the hardest part about writing The Walker Girl?     Considering I grew up in rural Appalachia, in a ‘hollar’ that has basically stayed the same since the Civil War era (not kidding, I did my homework by oil l

amp light), the hardest part for me was keeping myself from writing the character’s dialogue in a West Virginian accent. When I submitted The Walker Girl the first time, it was tossed back at me with a note saying I had to change every bit of dialogue in a 68,000 word manuscript! But it was necessary, otherwise it was too distracting for the reader.


How much research do you typically do on a novel?    However much is necessary! I have one book I have been writing for nearly 4 years because its set back in the 1500’s, and regardless to what my children say, I wasn’t born then! Lol!


Character Interview


Author Christy Lynn interviews Tess Bicker, mother of the groom;

Christy:       So, Tess, you’ve been chosen as reader’s favorite character in The Walker Girl, why do you think that is?

Tess:           Hell if I know. Probably cause your readers got good taste.

Christy:       Tell us, what do you think of your new daughter-in-law, Sage?

Tess:           Well, she’s got grit. The kind of gal that hangs in there when the goin’ gets tough. Puts up with a lot more than I would. But truth be told, I’m right fond of her; she’s a good gal, I reckon.

Christy:       How do you think its going between your son, John, and Sage now the honeymoon is over?

Tess:           I used to visit m’boy often, but now I steer clear of their house cause I ain’t no fool, I can see the way them two look at each other! The way Sage gapes at him would make a eunuch horny!

Christy:       Would you mind if a sequel was written; a follow up on how life turns out for the newlyweds?

Tess:           Oh, I suppose I wouldn’t mind so much. John told me he plans on takin’ Sage to that social club he owns in the Chesapeake Bay area next spring. Now, he ain’t never said anything to me, but I’ve heard stories what all goes on in that so-called club, and bein’ honest, I think you’d find a right good story there!



Before she realized what was happening, John suddenly grabbed her and flung her over his knee!  He yanked her chemise up around her waist, and issued three, brisk swats on her perfectly rounded bottom.  She screeched and tried to use the arm of the chair to push herself off him, but he held her securely on his lap with his other arm.

“If you move another muscle, I swear I will spank you so hard, you will not be able to sit in this chair for days.”  It was a stern warning, daring her to disobey.

He couldn’t help but be distracted by the creamy skin of her bottom.  It was so pure and unmarked by the sun.  His handprint stood out, bright red on a white canvas.  He became irritated by the uncomfortable swelling filling the extra space in his trousers.  Yielding to his arousal, he pinned her tighter against his lap, pressing his pelvis hard against her stomach.

Author’s note:     I grew up in rural Appalachia, West Virginia, and for a young lady living deep in the mountains, there was plenty of time to fantasize! I was inspired to write The Walker Girl through my own desires, and from knowing first hand the insecurities, obstacles and passions that can drive a country girl crazy! Writing this particular novel, for me, was like going home.



Five fun facts about the author

  1. I was born “legally blind”, then at the age of 40 (6 years ago), I underwent a surgery that gave me 20/15 vision! Completely changed my life! The first thing I remember when I saw myself in the mirror after the surgery was “good lord, my hair is a mess!”
  2. I absolutely love it when my little ferret falls asleep in my arms. Just the cutest thing.
  3. I love libraries! My sweetheart and I are planning a ‘library tour’. We want to see all the famous, beautiful libraries in the United States, and then work our way abroad. (Our very first date was in a library; as a result, the smell of books does more to me now than just make me want to read!)
  4. I love taking pictures of mushrooms when I walk in the woods
  5. No matter how often I see it, I never tire of looking at the sky!