Cornelia doesn’t want a man. Blythe wants her for his own. Will the warrior win?

From brothel courtesan to trusted advisor, Cornelia has advanced farther than she ever imagined possible. Discovered as a maid who was willing to risk her life to help others, her status was changed to Lady when Marilla reclaimed the castle. She now serves the empress as her loyal medic and advisor.

When Empress Marilla receives word of a possible epidemic killing citizens in the farthest reaches of the empire, she decides to send Cornelia out to investigate, but not without Blythe to guard her. Fascinated by Cornelia’s selflessness and compassion for those who think so little of her due to her background, he has been drawn to the advisor since she first treated his wounds long ago.

His attraction to the mahogany skinned beauty goes deeper than the surface, though Cornelia is wary of his affections and intentions. Many men have wanted her, used her, and she expects Blythe to be no different. The longer they travel together, the more they realize that everything is not how it always appears.

This is book two in the Claiming Her Empire series and can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This adult romance contains elements of fantasy, danger, action, adventure, mystery, suspense, sensual scenes, power exchange and possible triggers for some readers. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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“Does every touch feel the same to you now?” he asked her, his voice gentle again as he released the binding grip he had on her wrists. When she didn’t answer, he asked, “Does this feel the same to you?” Then he was kissing her, and it did not feel the same at all. It was unlike any kiss she had ever experienced. His hot tongue traveled persuasively over hers and she found herself smashed against him, her arms up around his neck and his fingers digging into her waist. He awoke the passion in her she feared was dead and gone, and her body just reacted.

He kicked her door shut, moaning once, surprised by her passionate reciprocation. She was surprised by it too.

Her nails tore at his clothes then feathered through his hair, forcing him closer. She took a step back towards the bed freshly dressed in soft, clean linen and fell back onto the mattress, pulling him on top of her. He stayed propped up on his forearms, his hard thighs nestled against her soft ones.

He wanted to drive into her and make her forget anyone who had come before. Any man who had her before him. There would be no other after him, that he vowed.

He drew back however, tracing her lips with his tongue, easing back on his touch because though he wanted to forge a new home deep inside her, he also wanted to show her how much he truly cared for her. Not just her body, not just the pleasure she could bring him, but all of it. All of her.

His lips traveled along the nape of her neck, licking a light and gentle line parallel to her collarbone while Cornelia lay beneath him, slowing her own pace to match his, though frustration was starting to boil her flesh. He wanted to go faster, harder, she could tell. His touch was gentle, caring, but she couldn’t have that.

She was not some innocent plaything for him to tiptoe around. Some prude for him to withhold his deepest darkest desires. She was not an innocent lover, she liked it rough and she liked it hard, and she said so with her eyes.

The eyes were the windows to the soul, and to bare one’s soul was the most vulnerable act, but it also made for the richest whores. The eyes were the most cherished asset, not the breasts as many seemed to think. Sure a curvaceous body helped, but Cornelia had once heard of a brothel madam who could bring a man to his knees with just a single look.

It was common for men to not know what they actually wanted. They may think they know, but it was Cornelia’s job to show them what they actually wanted. Blythe was different, he knew what he liked, but he was withholding it from her. Afraid to frighten her as she was sure lesser lovers had been in the past.

“You don’t have to pretend with me,” she insisted from beneath him. Leaning forward she planted a kiss to his earlobe, whispering seductively, “I’m not going to break,” before drawing back and letting her eyes say the rest. Giving him permission to fulfill his deepest desires, whatever they may be.